23 October 2008

How You Found My Blog.

Some search words leading you here, apparently:

Group 1:

find porno
find pictures children porno
granny porno boy
sexy child photo

(I find most frightening those of you who type these things in, and then STAY AROUND to view pages for twenty minutes. Ick. [Like it should take that long. Ick again!!])

Group 2:

homeschool kids nerdy
homeschool child abuse
homeschool stupid
school like prison
I hate school
homeschool cirriculum

(Yes, I suppose I review a lot of cirriculum. Not that anyone is typing their biases here or anything.)

Group 3:

worms eaten
pumpkin seeds
making hats
household cleaning disaster
mom tired

(I'd call you guys my "regular searching for something" - God knows why - and here you are, reading something different than you probably expected.)

Are you in any of the above groups? Would you ever come out and say, well, I came for the "granny porn love boy skating" but stayed for the snarky homeschool commentary? Can I ask how you wound up here really? If I remember, I could tell you, too. Usually it's me looking at a friend's website and then seeing who their "friends" are and going there. Sometimes, as in the case of Eileen, I was looking into something odd for a completely different purpose. With her, I was looking into whether George Washington were left-handed and found an incredibly fun blog about teaching in the Middle East. I never did find out if he were left-handed or not...

Ahhh... the internet.


  1. My top search is Shrek porn! (any ideas what that could be!!)
    I really cant remember now how i found you? Or did you find me? Either way i am glad we found each other!

  2. I think we found each other on Autism Vox comments? I don't remember who visited first, though.

  3. I definitely found you through another homeschool blog. I think it was Dishpan Dribble.

    How do I find out how people arrived at my blog? It seems kind of scary, yet kind of fun.

  4. I found you on Dishpan Dribble I think. I am getting old and my memory is starting to fail me so I could be wrong. lol

    Wow I thought the searches I got were odd but you got me beat by a long shot.

  5. You visited me; I visited back but how the heck do you work out those search words? That is seriously weird. How does porn bring you up? And how do you find those things out? It's early & it's cold &^ I just can't get my mind round this one.

  6. wow those are some terms. I like how some people spell words wrong, after awhile I started adding tags on my autism site spelling it all sorts of ways like autisum

    I think I might have found you from autism vox as well. Hard to remember as I click around from comments and also through twitter. Are you on twitter?

  7. I found you on Daja's blog...Found her blog from a friend's blog. I also find you once in a while searching for homeschool blogs.

  8. If you want to know a bit about how people are popping onto your blog, get sitemeter. I have one at the bottom. Go ahead and click on it and then click on the left sidebar "referrals." That will tell you how people got there. Some of it will be %$@@#$nonsense#@#* but put your mouse over it and "nonsense" would show up. You can see the search words leading to your blog.

  9. Not sure how I found you... a Google Alert? A link from another blog? A link from one of your comments? Did you find my blog first?

    Not sure. Of course, I don't remember how I met my wife either, so don't feel bad.

    I'm not part of any of the groups, but Group 1 sound like an interesting set of people. [smirk]


  10. Hi, I found your blog through American Bedu. By the way, I was a homeschooling mom to my two oldest daughters. I have one daughter doing Keystone and my son is doing Calvert. Nice to "sort of" meet you. :o)

  11. Ugh. People are disgusting.

    Makes me want to have one of those blogs where no one shows their face or reveals anything about themself. But then again, those blogs annoy me.

  12. I found you after you left a comment on my teaching blog.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas

  13. Wow, I didn't know you were the prono queen. I better go spread the word.

  14. I *think* I found you via Daja's blog, "In Other Words." However, it's been awhile, and the way I surf the internet, I could have found you another way, but I guarantee, my search term did not include the word "porn." Icky.

  15. I found you somewhere else. Definitely boards. I'm glad that we are able to keep in touch though.

  16. I think we found each other through Dana's blog...

    But, search engine terms that bring people to my blog is the only "stat" I pay any attention too. Sometime they are so funny.


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