15 November 2008

Jesus in Japan.

How to tell your Japanese friends the Good News? Sue explains in this post, which I am quoting from just a tad here:

"There is no cultural reference for the concept of only one God. Japan is the 'land of 8000 gods'. Our God is considered a foreign god -- the Western god. This thinking is very hard for Japanese converts to go up against. They must find a place in their minds and hearts where they can be Japanese and a Christian at the same time. Do they have to completely throw away the Japanese culture to become a Christian? This is sometimes a controversial topic among Japanese Christians even. How much of their culture do they have to give up?"

You know, the more I think on these things, the more I wonder which path is the one which would lead to a closer walk with God. Is it easier spiritually to be a true Christian when everyone around you seems to profess, but the culture is evil? Or would it be easier when the line between YOUR God and the gods of those around you is starkly drawn? Either way, believers need to be in the Word and applying Truth every day. It can be a lonely road sometimes.

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  1. [NB: The linked video contains an F-word. Not to be watched with children. Sorry, I couldn't find a censored version.]

    "I walk a lonely road..."

    Reminded me of that catchy song.



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