28 November 2008

Scrolls. And Blueberry Bread.

We needed some berry juice to make this ink, so we made blueberry bread. Our scrolls are some paper that came with packages, held by two sticks. Emperor's reads, "Flee from temptations," but he rolled it up before it was dry. Elf wanted to write something very long but I dissuaded him, thinking it would be practically impossible to write a lengthy piece of prose with a straw and some blueberry juice. I find, however, that his writing is reasonably passable and he may have been a good pioneer student with a quill pen. Poor Emperor. He's so very smart, but so very energetic. I have gotten upset at him several times for charging through the kitchen while the stove is on. Mom let him know that when he flees from temptation next time, he has to do it slowly when the stove is on in the kitchen.


  1. Flee from temptation! I would have to flee from your scrolls as i would be tempted to lick them!!

    Very good.

  2. Well, vinegar and salt has been added to the blueberry juice to keep it from rotting in the baby food jar. I don't think it would taste very good! LOL not much of a temptation once you tried it.


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