31 December 2008

The Call to Dunkirk

I don't think the case for homeschooling is made very effectively in the video above from this website. For one thing, did you see the argument that somehow because a child may be in public education many more hours per week than in Sunday School, that the odds of the child becoming a strong Christian are absolutely terribly low? Last I checked, I serve a god who can do all things. Now, that doesn't mean that I'm going to send my kid to the local Wiccan private school (how many of those are there?), help him with his spell-casting homework and assume that he's going to do great things for God. I'm convinced that what is being taught in public education is not always the most godly and edifying, and since I have a few brain cells, I can figure that out without someone trying to scare me with images of Columbine and Nazi Germany. I think homeschooling is wonderful. I think you ought to try it if you're even remotely inclined. Tell your kids they'll never have to go to school again if it works out, if you can get X amount of work done per year and be a team. See what they think. But... I just can't see myself throwing up the ol' pic of Adolf Hitler saluting everybody in the background while I talk to you about that. But maybe I'm being too harsh. Your opinion?


  1. Mrs C: Happy New Year to you all! I have finally responded to your comment on my recent post "Bad parenting" and would love to hear your views on it.

  2. Mrs C: I have just written a post - nay, a rant - about a UK teacher who was fired for wearing tracksuit bottoms and trainers to work and I am now curious to know what teachers in the USA are expected to wear....?

  3. Urban school teacher, I've enjoyed our conversation over at your blog. I will pop over and chat with you about "business casual."

    I really don't care what teachers wear so long as the deathmetal band shirts and political signs are reasonably tasteful. :]

    But I think you've figured out I don't run things. I teach in my jammies sometimes.

  4. I didn't watch the video (sorry, I'm swamped today [smile]) but I would agree that the logic of "more time in school than in Sunday School makes kids atheists" is less than stellar. And our public schools are a far cry from Hitler's Youth Movement, at least, from what little I know [smile].


  5. mrsC: I thought we agreed I was going to govern over here & you were going to run things over there. You can't back out now. ;)

  6. Luke, I *do* see where these folks are coming from, because there is a lot of tolerance and other silliness in the schools. You MUST act a certain way or you're suspended, etc. I do get it. I just think that if they're going to make the claim, they need to back it up a bit better to those parents who (unlike me, yayyy) haven't been public school moms for the last *11* years straight and had four children attend.

    Ganeida, you want to rule American public schools?? Welll, maybe we can amend our agreement. I think you'd get 'em into better shape than they are now if you were in charge. :]


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