26 April 2009


Five things I like about motherhood is really tough to blog about, specially since I have six children. So, I'm going to do a little bit on each child and ask that if you want to do this meme that you let me know so I can leave snarky comments on your post. Thanks, Kim! You don't even have to have children to do the meme; just pretend and I'll pretend with you. I mean, I'm thinking some people with the perfect children in real life keep giving me advice, and I'd wayy wayyy rather deal with a humble not-parent-yet person than a haughty old lady whose grandkids are probably bigger brats than my kids any day.
Um, not that those people necessarily read my blog anyway... it's for "entertainment purposes only" for those kinds of people the way Jerry Springer is for the rest of us. You walk away knowing as bad as your family is that things could be a whole lot worse.

And you know, while I was getting all ready to finally do this meme, Virginia AND Chris have gone and given me this Passionate blogger award! If you're passionate about something, make sure and grab this award and leave me a comment. I hate deciding between all my bloggy friends, who to give this to. Help me decide by nominating yourself, ok? :p Be *passionate* about it and go, "I DESERVE this award! It's MINE! I earned it!!"

Ok. Now... on to the five things I like about motherhood. Ready?


Patrick was born in 1993, which makes him nearly 20. I'm rounding a little to the nearest ten. It drives Patrick NUTS when I say that he is "nearly 16" and round up, so we'll see if he gets around to reading this. Patrick has pretty much always been around. He is almost always a helper. He enjoys Pokemon... a lot. Recently he won a special award at the school he attends, and remarks were made about how friendly and helpful he is. How he holds open doors for ladies and is always polite to them. Awww... I have finally gotten him to wear the T-shirt he got with his award, but he says he hates the shirt because the lettering on it is too big. He says he will wear it only this once. BTW, speaking of strange clothing preferences, I have not seen his legs or feet in two years, since the appendix incident. He doesn't want anyone to see them. He will wear heavy jeans in summer weather. Hm. Ok, he's strange, but I think we'll keep him.


G can be the most awesome helper when he is calm. He can lift about anything and work in the yard with me. He enjoys playing with little children and with Nintendo stuff. G wants to play outside often and likes to be on the track team. He has an acute sense of fairness (I didn't say it was always accurate; just that it's acute!). G makes friends with almost anyone. Well, unless they call him or his friends names. I'm honestly surprised at some of the friends he makes, but he manages to find something to chat with most people about. I'm never quite sure how to do that.


It's hard to remember that Elf is kid #3 and not #4. He's much shorter than Emperor, still enjoys Teletubbies and thinks he is a Keebler Elf. He understands symbolism in literature and discusses character motivation in great detail, yet he can't tie his shoes and is nearly nine. You just can't put Elf in any one category of person. Probably because he is an Elf, and elves are just different. Elf is the cuddliest kid *ever* and very excited about any Keebler story you want to tell him.


Emperor thinks that he is very fat. No amount of discussion will change this. He knows everyone else thinks he's very chubby, fatter than anyone else. He would like you to SAY that he is fat. He's obsessed with Pokemon characters and is beginning to learn the basics of chess, which means he must "practice" constantly. He enjoys building with Legos and shooting his capgun. He likes to tell stories and draw the Pokemon he sees on his GameBoy.

Woodjie McOnion McGillicuddy

Can you let him throw rice all over the house? Can he jump off all the furniture and keep you up until 11 p.m. with his antics? Can you please turn on the tv for two hours straight because you just need a break? Somehow, this kid will MAKE you say "yes" in answer to all of these questions. He's tiring. We love him, but let's just say his sensory needs are a bit amazing and he has more stamina than I do. (Well, I'm writing this after yet another late night and early morning... sigh.)


Girlie would be just a piece of cake to raise if it weren't for the fact that she has all these brothers around. She would like you to please hold her and read a book. Another book. Another. Can she have some expensive bottles of formula? She's asking for Bop-L because she's thrown all her food from her high chair and she's *hungry* now. If you don't feed her her Bop-L, she will cry for several hours and not take her nap. The neighbours might get concerned and make phone calls, because she sounds like someone's killing her (I guess... I've never heard anyone getting killed except on TV). Wow, she's cute, but you begin to weigh the cost vs. benefit in terms of money and time, nap or no nap, crazy vs. not crazy. Here's your Bop-L, kid. Rose also plays a modified form of peek-a-boo called, "Where did Pretty-Pretty go?"


  1. You have very cute kids ~ but I always thought that. Cute & interesting. I *really* like interesting.

  2. Aw! I loved reading about your treasures!

  3. Poor Rose. I wonder what's it like for her to have five brothers. I guess you'll have to have another baby so Rose can have a sister.

  4. I want to come and visit you now.

  5. I love the run down on all your kids... it's nice to learn more about them.


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