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The Special Diet.

I keep hearing about putting autistic children on special diets this, supplements that. I've also heard of the strangest therapies you could ever imagine...

Well, if it works for you, have fun with it. But mostly, I have thought in the past that maybe there are some kids who respond to it... but someone's making a lot of money on these hokey systems that don't really work. I mean, if they worked, your kid wouldn't be the one spinning around and knocking over boxes in aisle six, now, would he?

Maybe that's mean of me, but it seems the oddest children have the oddest diets... and their parents say they work. I keep thinking that's because they've spent $150 a week on the therapy and they don't want to look like a looo-ser for getting snuckered outta the dough.

The joke is on me, now, of course. Now I'm joining the club. I'm one of those people.

I took Woodjie in to the doctor just because I kinda got tired of hearing it from everyone. You know? Diet has got to be cheaper than therapy any day, so let's see if we can eliminate milk from Woodjie's diet for a while, see if that helps. If not, we'll try sugar next. And so on. Hopefully, we would end up learning that green beans upset the child and receive
strict medical instruction to never, never try to get this child to eat vegetables again. Woo-hoo! Um, I mean, we'll make sure he eats his Flintstones every day and I'll try to comfort him as best I can that no green beans are forthcoming at mealtime.

You know it didn't work out that way. First off... Woodjie is losing weight. Now, I have therapists in my home FOUR TIMES a week AND Woodjie goes to church twice a week. And he gets taken on trips to the store and stuff. Has anybody, anywhere at any time mentioned that the kid is looking a little thin? Hm? Nope. But I got myself a stern talking-to about why didn't I bring him in before?

See what happens when you go for a friendly "let's just chat about this option" sort of a visit?

THEN the doctor ordered bloodwork!

THEN we discovered Woodjie is allergic to milk and eggs! And cats!

Well, there's not much to be done about the cats, except "no cuddling" and a good vacuuming every now and then. And we'll have to give away the cat hair pillow he had been using and the cat fur sweaters he had been wearing (kidding, but I've seen cat hair purses... iw).

Have you ever tried to shop for products with NO milk and NO eggs? You can find one or the other pretty easily. But not both. Everything, everything this kid eats has milk or eggs in it. I'm supposed to keep a "food journal" and report back in two weeks to the doctor.
There is not much Woodjie wants to eat. The special big-money stuff I've bought him is getting angrily pitched to the floor. It looks like soy milk gets his stomach VERY upset. Even meats are full of dairy products!! How do they do that??!

Well, now Woodjie has his own corner in the kitchen full of foods he hates and no one else is allowed to touch. Great shopping, Mom. To make matters worse, Mom is not able to record anything in the food diary that Woodjie did not actually eat. So our food diary for yesterday says:


Yes, it really does. Nevermind that I served fancy Moroccan rice with carrots, beans and expensive whatever nutrients. Or the other stuff that wound up on the floor... how discouraging. Then Woodjie sees everyone else with the mac and cheese and howls. Well, I can't afford for EVERYONE to throw the expensive rice on the floor.



  1. Oh no! Poor Woodjie, and poor mom! I am certainly no expert, but it is possible that if you can make it through for a year or so he may be able to eat those things in the future.

    Two of my friend's sons were allergic to just about every thing except vegetables. Seriously. They couldn't eat rice, wheat, milk, eggs, meat, and on and on. She fed them vegetables, a bit of white fish, and grains from the health food store that I can't remember the name of at the moment. If they ate other foods they broke out in the most painful, itchy eczema. But, after a year or so of the strict diet they were "cured" (grew out of?) their allergies, and have been able to eat what ever they want ever since (they are now 16 and 18). I will pray for you and Woodjie! Keep us updated.

  2. I know that there is a cheap substitute for eggs. I think flaxmeal.

    Poor guy. I remeber giving up dairy for awhile when I was a kid and it was so awful.

    Dairy has to be the hardest to give up.

    BTW he still looks very healthy to me so shame on the doc for such a stern talking too. Maybe it is just cause he is so active throwing the fancy rice and beans on the floor. LOL!

  3. That Stinks. I watch a 9 year old who is Diabetic and has a allergy to wheat.. So that is just as bad if not worse.. He is a little older then woodjie so he understands what is going on, But when your 2 brother's can have whatever they want and you can't it does get frustrating..

    Good Luck! I agree with Zimms Zoo.. Woodjie looks just fine. It's not like he's super skinny or anything.. Stupid Doctor!

  4. Gosh, I know how you feel. Everytime I think about putting Chaz on a diet of some sort, it seems so incredibly hard! By the way, I posting something for you on my blog in a sec.

  5. Poor wee man. I would cry too.
    I have given you an award.... and tagged you! OOOPs, I see Virginia already gave it to you..OH well, now you got two of the same! Mine is posted on tomorrow's blog entry.... (Monday)

  6. I think if I were Woodjie, I'd be crying too. That's got to be tough.

  7. Thinking further, the Moroccan rice dish sounds interesting. What else is in it?

  8. It has all kinds of peppers, rice, beans and spices. Actually pretty good but you do need to get used to it as the texture seems a little dry. Then again, it came in a bag and I microwaved it. :p

  9. BTW Zimms and others, I'd probably think the same thing if the mom brought her kid in after four months, he's losing weight, and she wants to CUT a major calorie-providing food out of his diet?

    Siigh. Hard to know what people think, but I felt suspicion-ized. Probably I'm not, but have had a bad experience with docs and am a bit sensitive. :]

  10. Oh my, no milk and no eggs! Thats almost impossible! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.Poor little guy!

  11. Going off wheat has helped me significantly, so I do know there is the potential for some good in adjusting your diet.

    May you find out what works. I eat a lot of core tortilla tacos myself. And rice and some potatoes.

    Hang in there! The adjustment time is always rough.


  12. I'm sorry! My mom can't have gluten so I have a minor taste of shopping for certain things. I know a kid who can't have milk, soy, wheat...i think there were like at least 5 things on the list. The parents have a short list of things they always get for this kid. Sad...

  13. Our son is on a special diet too. The first month is the hardest- you're still learning what's "safe", not seeing too many results yet, probably, and your child has to get used to a new eating plan, too!

    I've never had one that had to go off milk AND eggs, but one of my kids was off milk (casein) for a year. Casein's in EVERYTHING, even FAKE soy cheese!

    Good luck!


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