19 August 2009

NOT Back to School Pictures.

Today's the day the kids in our district go "back to school!" Of course, we marked the occasion by NOT having school. (Counter-culture of us, no?) You can see more pictures of homeschoolers NOT going back to school here at Darcy's! We got the pirates out and played Treasure Island, featuring Captain Hook, Peter Pan and the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. The older boys got their Klutz castle stuff out and built... stuff. We ate lunch, but our microwave went crazy and we weren't able to have any hot pretzels. I guess we had peanut butter sandwiches, just like the kids in public school. We tried map tracing (that's harder than it looks). We watched Loony Tunes and ate Cheerios. The kids painted without shirts on. Why dirty a smock?


  1. I love it! Olivia painted the other night at small group and it is all over everything. I think she still has some on her toes! Beautiful!

  2. Great photos of the kids. But, I am pretty sure Treasure Island is considered literature and could be counted as school by some of the home schoolers that have to track hours, attendance and such.

    I can't believe everyone is going back to school. Our kids don't start until the day after Labor Day. In fact, today was the last day of Marissa's summer program. The county fair starts tomorrow... then the State Fair. School can't start before that. Besides, watching a cow give birth, finding the queen bee and guessing the weight of the biggest pig... that's educational too.

  3. What a fun 'not at school' day!

  4. We have the Klutz castle cards too. They are a big favorite here. Looks like you are having so much fun "not doing school".


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