31 August 2009

Welcome to My Website!

I know... it isn't what you expected. That happens sometimes. I remember once I typed in some search words about George Washington, and whether he were left-handed... and wound up at a Middle Eastern blog I still very much enjoy. The post? Was on male circumcision. Um, they don't do that to babies there. Well, it was an interesting post, and if you want to peek at it, here it is.

So, I understand that sometimes, you wind up here looking for something and not finding it, but meeting a new friend and learning something unusual anyway. One of the most popular searches that brings people to my blog is for "work boxes" and how to do them.

Elf ears? I've done that search myself! Here ya go.

Welcome, all you reasonably normal, sane people searching the internet for unusual, but at least semi-understandable things. But some searches are a little creepy. Thankfully most of these folks don't stay here too long.

Did Jaycee Dugard homeschool her children? Oh, my goodness. Um... ya think? This is one of those few times where I have to tell you... it's a rather moot point and who cares if the kids can read...

Or here you were, looking about online for some posts about "used underwaer," and you wound up looking at my son's birthday pictures. It was probably a bit of a disappointment. I don't know quite what you expected, but whatever it is is probably not regularly featured here. Sorry.

There were also assorted "homeschooling bad"- type searches that reminded me that sometimes when we set out to find out about a topic, our biases direct the direction in which we're looking.


  1. So do you have a program that tells you why people came? I have been wondering how people know that.

  2. Actually, I stopped by hoping that you could help us find those socks that keep disappearing in the dryer . . . or is it the washer?

    Oh well, I'll look somewhere else.

  3. lol I think I linked from MrsD but anyone who began a blog to see if anyone read hers was definitely worth getting to know better. lol Oh, those stray socks without a mate, I think they're ours.

  4. Hello, You left a link on Frogpondsrock to Rational Jenn's website. I just wanted to say thank you so much, there are loads of blogs and info links there that I can really get my teeth into!

    Thank you.

  5. I stumble across really neat BLOGS randomly sometimes. How DO you know how people get here?

  6. Biases affecting our findings!?!?




  7. LOL Zimms and Lisa, scroll down to the bottom of my blog and click "sitemeter." It will tell you the location of the people visiting (click "location" on the sidebar after entering), some of the search terms they used to find the blog, or just where they visited from, for example, from Zimms' blog (click individual visitors to find that out. Sometimes it just isn't known).

    Harry, the disappearing socks I think go to the parallel universe. Well, ok, some go to Ganeida's house, but then her strays come here...

    bsouth, you are so welcome! I'm glad I wasn't seen as pushy. It just is such a nifty site, isn't it? :]

    Luke, you will be most gratified to know that people researching Sonlight wind up at my blog. They want to know why I'm NOT buying Sonlight. And often, they click out on the link you left on that post. Cool, huh?

  8. interesting. I never knew how you knew when or why people popped on your blog..until now!

  9. Oh man, I looked up the circumcision one and I thought "those poor boys!" "Hey, look at that bird!" Whack. Ouch. That boy is probably ruined for life whenever someone points out a cute bird for him to look it.

  10. LOL! Strikes me as more mean to chop it off a baby but (shrug) hey, it's not my kid.

  11. Oh, I am so glad to know you do this too. Search engine terms that brought people to my blog is the only "stat" I keep track of. Fun, funny, sometimes odd... and sometimes downright creepy!


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