15 August 2009

Elf Ears!

Some pictures of genuine elf-ears. Elf's ear is the top picture and Emperor's is the bottom picture. You'll notice a slight crumpling on Elf's ear and a little point on Emperor's. Natural elf-ears do that. Now. Ready to see someone who wants to be an elf really, really badly? And will go to surgical lengths to do it? Yowie. Elf told me after viewing the photographs that his ears are "elfie enough," and he's happy with his ears the way they are now.


  1. Oh that is so gross! Where do you find the time to come across these gems? I think if my kids came home with elf ears, I would just reverse them myself. Tramp stamp anyone? Too funny. I have a tramp stamp, of course, they weren't calling it that in 1994 when I got mine. I am hoping my tattoos will make it uncool for my kids--they won't want to be just like Mom. I can hope...

  2. I must be de-sensitised ! I can thing of much worse things people can do to their bodies!
    Don't get me wrong though, I think it's a stupid thing to do to your ears!

  3. LOL Actually I think the young lady's ear looks kinda cool, but wonder if your ears can hold up glasses properly or get stuck on hats etc. after surgery. The lower ear? Looked awful, like it was melted or something.

    Yeah, there are worse things to do to your body! But as I read about this, it seems that they wouldn't put you out for this surgery, or provide pain drugs after. It is probably incredibly painful.

  4. That is SO MANY kinds of wrong. I'm glad your boys have more sense...


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