23 September 2009

YoVille Math.

Elf and Emperor helped me figure out what the best use of my "working" time on YoVille would entail. We got the list of the things my character can "bake" in the Sweets Factory and figured out the profit per hour of baking time. To complicate matters, the boys had to remember to add in the mandatory $10 oven cleaning fee between each batch. It was eye-opening for me. I had no clue that the longer recipes (three days for a "yellow cake") average out to something like 50 cents an hour of oven time. The chocolate chip cookies and coffee cake average out to $2 an hour. The problem being, you MUST check those cookies at exactly four or six hours, or they will "burn" and not be very profitable. We talked a little bit about how a good businessman would figure out a good estimate of the number of hours he thinks a job will take (multiplied by labour cost per hour), pad that number just a little bit just in case and add it to the cost of the materials. I don't think I'm going to rush into doing the "oven" thing every four hours, but it's good to know anyway that while it's *convenient* for you to leave the yellow cake in the oven for three days while you go have a life, it isn't economically advisable for your avatar. And my avatar needs a new couch. :P


  1. Good thing they don't play FarmTown. There are graphs all over the Internet with plowing cost, seed cost, how much each crop sells for if you self harvest or get someone else to... I am like you. I plant the longest crop and go about my life.

    And, wasn't that a fun math assignment.

  2. lol.

    We did a spreadsheet for FarmTown and Farmville.

    I can send it over if you want a copy.

  3. I don't think I could handle Farmtown or Farmville! Yoville is addicting enough LOL!! I swore I wouldn't get into it...

  4. now you have to do the math for farmville so i won't waste so much time on the computer!!

    i like doing the cakes/veggies that take 2-3 days cuz then i'm likely to check on them before they burn/die.

    good application for home schooling!!!


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