16 October 2009

It's a Major Award!

You bet, when it's given by a loving friend. I appreciate all of them, even if I don't blog every one. Things have been so nutty around here... maybe you've noticed the shorter posts. In any event, my buddy Bonnie has awarded me the Gorgeous Blogger Award. I'm going to tell you six things about myself and then award this to six other gorgeous bloggers. Ready?

1. I'm really a 53-year-old liberal man. I write this blog as a sort of alter ego. I also like to stretch the truth quite a bit on occasion, and this is one of those times.

But you never know about people! When you're online, you could really be talking to just about anyone. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get to know someone. One thing I have discovered on this blogging journey is that my blog friends "get" it when my family does not. Do you know how often I've been emailed by people going through the same things that I am? No, I won't out anyone. Ever. But I will say that it's sad and encouraging (bittersweet, even!) to see other people out in cyberspace be able to read between the lines and share that they are going through the same or similar things.

I'm floored by that. I'm floored by God's grace, even through what I used to consider a rather evil medium. I've even found praying friends on YoVille. I'm incredibly sad this morning as a good friend, "Doloris," has told me that her eyesight is failing and she is having trouble keeping up with our conversations anymore, even with magnification. She is such a prayer warrior and a beautiful Christian. Please say a prayer for her. She truly does have a ministry playing games online... she really does.

2. I wanted to be born somewhere glamourous like Vienna or London, but my parents chose Cleveland. What's up with that?

3. Elf and I have been crying all morning. Poor Elf is absolutely heartbroken. He has read me "The Daisy." (suggestive sidebar ad warning. Did you know that we use Post-It notes for these? They're perfect in that they're removable but don't obstruct the entire screen. Patrick has a few for problematic websites himself. This is one of those practical "hints" you don't find anywhere else.) The story is so sad. *sniff*

4. I dislike the works of Hemingway. I don't understand what the big to-do is about his writing. The man writes the longest run-on sentences you've ever seen. Modern art? I also dislike most of that, but every now and then there will be a truly great piece that surprises me. Still other times, I could think something looks stupid and dorky until I see it in real life. Have you ever been to an exhibit and found that even though you are looking at the same thing that is in your book, that you like it better when it's before you?

5. I like cooking well enough but hate the cleanup. I don't dislike doing laundry, though. I know a lot of people can't stand smelly laundry, but I like the idea of getting it all *done.* Just when it is *done,* though, it seems someone's found a dirty pile of clothes to toss. :p

6. I give up. There are only five things about me you didn't know.
I'm passing this little trophy on to:
3. Lisa


  1. Thanks Mrs C.!

    I will post my 5 things soon!


  2. lol You think I have time? I'm impressed. The way I waffle on finding 5 unknown things could be difficult but we will do our best for you.

    Thanks MrsC. I always appreciate awards too.

  3. That's so weird! I always liked to imagine that I born in some glamorous place (I thought I was the only one). Cincinnati isn't a whole lot better than Cleveland, I'm afraid.

    Congrats on the award. You deserve it, friend!

  4. Wow! Thank you so much Mrs. C!
    This means a lot coming from you.
    Thank you for the post it note tip too. That would work great for Tyler who loves to look at sport sites but gets all stressed out by some of the ads on the sides.

    I will try to post my 5 things soon.

  5. Thank you for doing that. It is nice, once in a while, to learn something new about our friends. Yours were a lot deeper than mine--typical! Love the post it note tip! Will pray for Doloris!

  6. Congratulations on the award you 53 year old man you. lol.


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