15 October 2009


Spongebob is getting married to Sandy the Squirrel! It will be fun to watch how nicely Spongebob straps his kids into their carseats and gets a higher-paying job so that he can support his family.

Or maybe they'll be less traditional and Spongebob will stay home to homeschool the children on "how to drive a boat" while Sandy goes into the workaday world. "Hope he gets a prenup," one commenter quipped. "Someone stole half of my pineapple once and it wasn't a good feeling."


  1. I know. I was just pondering this yesterday, what kind of kids would a Sponge and Squirrel make?

    That can Absorb spills while eating nuts while climbing trees. and Really will they be Air Breathers or Water Breathers or some crazy Hybrid Kids?

    I know I'm thinking way to far into spongebob and I don't even have any children I can blame it on! lol..

  2. Wow. Not having regular TV can really leave you feeling out of touch (disconnected the dish and antenna two years ago). I didn't know Sandy and Sponge Bob were an item.

  3. Wow, talk about a mixed marriage! I wonder what their children will look like.

  4. WELL! we certainly havn't had that episode here yet! B and G watch Spongebob every morning before school.... re-runs mostly.
    They love him.
    Maybe I won't tell them about Sandy yet.... Spongebob is so immature they might get confused thinking he's actually grown up enough to get married!

    I think he should get a proper job first... and his license to drive!

    Oh man, I know far too much about Spongebob for an adult! *sniff*

  5. AND Pah..leeeese lets not even go into what the 'children' will look like! My mind boggles with the possibilities!

  6. You are so funny! Hey--I have given you a gorgeous blogger award, come by and pick it up.

  7. Okay, I read this when you first posted it... I don't have cable. I have seen a few Sponge Bob videos and thought they were too silly to buy for my home. I am not culturally literate in Sponge-Bobology. So, I googled and spent/wasted 10 minutes trying to figure out how Bob could be marrying a land animal.


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