01 February 2010

The AlphaSmart

We have an AlphaSmart Neo now, thanks to Bronwyn! Her son was moving up to a newer model with more bells and whistles, and she generously mailed this out to us, complete with instruction book, cables and a lot of good wishes that someday Woodjie will use this, too. I don't know that the AlphaSmart will improve Emperor's spelling (it's already pretty good), but it will CERTAINLY assist me in grading it. He frequently gets things marked incorrect as if Mom can't read it, it isn't right.
I will try to balance my understanding of Emperor's motor difficulties with the simple fact that we do need to work on his handwriting. I have myself a feeling after these first few uses that Emperor will want to have his AlphaSmart wherever he goes. He is very attached to it already.


  1. Mrs. C,
    I am thrilled to see him using it. I hope he loves it and it helps you both.
    I will show Tyler this picture. I know he will be happy to see it as I he was excited to give it to Emperor.
    Have a great day friend!

  2. Now that looks like something Griffn could use... I must google it!
    He cannot write at all, and the specialists are now saying he may NEVER be able to write, let alone spell. *sigh*

  3. That looks terrific!!! Sometimes being able to express himself lets him relax and down the road writing may be possible. I never thought Pamela would be able to speak as well as she does today--we did not find the right program until she was 15! I also thought she would never be able to read and use body language, rapidly shift attention, etc. In the past three years, she has learned to do that.

    Our kids are on a very different timetable of development.


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