19 February 2011

Sunday Selections: Enterprise

Its five-year mission: to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no Lego man has gone before. Currently, Enterprise is investigating the black Ticonderoga pencils, Black Pearl erasers and the happy squeezy heart. The entity "Elf" needs the squeezy heart, or he will crack his knuckles constantly and disrupt the space-time continuum. And do NOT try to pass off icky yellow non-Ticonderoga pencils on Elf, or else unexplained "Ut-ohh" homeschool phenomena occur. Same with the erasers: no pink erasers. Or else. Emperor likes the stinky Smencil pencils you see at the top of the pic. They come in about every smell you can imagine, and some you probably can't. Want to see more Sunday Selections? Pop on over to Kim's blog, dahling. Yeahh, my children watch that horrid "Green Acres," too. I never "got" that show. :)


  1. Interesting photo and I love the story behind it!

  2. Yeah Lego Man lives at my house too. I wish he'd pick up after himself though.

    Love your Cast of Characters!!

  3. Star Trek and Green Acres both make me laugh, but for different reasons. I've always loved Green Acres, but then, I've always loved stupid humor. Just ask my wife. She's learned to laugh at me for my taste in humor.

  4. I fell for buying Smencils....once. After that the girly took the tubes once the pencils were gone and put regular ones in....they smelled like Smencils after just a few days. Happy kid, cheap me.


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