30 June 2008


Elf, Emperor and I were playing the "Trouble" game the other night. Elf was losing badly and started to pray to God, to please, PLEASE help him win! I, being a supportive and loving parent, cackled wildly at the idea and then had a discussion with him about how we save prayer for important things. Elf did NOT understand and redoubled his efforts, complete with his arms lifted in worship and praised God quietly with some extra pleaseplease pleeeeease added for extra effect. He told me the game was really important to him.

He lost anyway, though.

I guess I should be praying a prayer of thankfulness that the most pressing thing in this child's life at the moment was whether he'd win this game. He doesn't realize how his mom could have died had we put off this surgery too long (it was only after I was "out" that they realized how terribly bad things were!!) or how some children didn't get to eat that night. He doesn't get it.


  1. I think we should be saying prayers of thanks that he doesn't get it! He can live without that knowledge. Plenty of time later for those sorts of fears and concerns.

  2. I think that is sweet. My kids pray for all kinds of things.

    I tried to comment on the other post but my computer isn't leting me so I am praying that J will talk soon. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for him to want to communicate but not be able to.


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