30 June 2008

Woodjie Pumpkin

Little Woodjie Pumpkin has been pretty well ignored this past week. Well, I shouldn't say "ignored." More like, not taken out to play much. (I can't lift him to put him anywhere if he runs away or gets into trouble, etc.) Not given time with his therapists. His signing practice hasn't been attended to very well. We were concentrating on keeping everyone alive and in good health over the last week, and probably the next. He is still not talking. Am I going to chronicle every photo I put of this child on the blog with "he is still not talking?" I don't want to give up and not mention it any more. I don't want it to be the only thing I think about him. But it is important to me. He wants to be understood. I am sorry I can't do more to help him.


  1. Oh poor little boy. Tink didn't talk until three so I know a little of how you feel.

  2. That should be the caption to the photo. "Are we blogging about this again?" Cute photo. So serious.


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