18 August 2008

Our Day At Public School

***** *** **** Today, Elf and Emperor went to public school. Well, we pretended. First, we packed our lunches and put them into our backpacks. Then we waited outside at the "bus stop" while Mom drove around the block before picking up the children. (Much work would need to be done on staying in one spot, not running and chasing each other during "bus stop time," and waiting for the bus to stop before running pell-mell into the street if the younger children were going to ps this year!) We rode a "real" school bus at the local Sears. G pretended to be hit by the school bus ... sigh... When we got home, we ate the lunches and discovered that during the day, sandwiches get squished at school.


  1. What a great idea. I think sometimes my kids are a little bummed that they don't get to ride the bus.

    Plus you gave them experience minus the screaming yelling kids on the bus.

  2. hA HA, HOW CUTE.... shame about the squished sandwiches though... wonder if our kids sandwiches get to school all squished?

  3. what is it with boys loving to get pretend hurt. My son used to build his Hot Wheels ramps into these giant declines just so he could sit at the bottom and "get killed a million times by all the cars"

    Great photos!

    I discovered the secret to "non- squished" sandwiches at the liquor store lol
    little squares of cardboard under and over the sandwich. keeps it from getting mashed and is a great way to use all the backs of pads or boxes from deliveries.

  4. Oh... bet egg crate stuff would work too!!

    My older boys who go to PS actually have plastic "sandwich keepers" to prevent squishing LOL! Can you believe they sell Twinkie holders, too?

  5. I was going to make some sarcastic comments placing public schools in a poor light. But as I work in a public school, I didn't want it to appear that I hate working in a public school. I admit, I do complain sometimes, but it's mostly because things in public schools don't have to be the way they are.

    We just need to change the way they're run, along with the way teachers are trained, along with the curriculum, and maybe a few other trivial details, and things would be much better.

  6. Harry, the boys' PS experience was awful, so this was a pretend day where they did all the fun stuff. What they don't know is that if they went to PS they'd have to walk or get driven every day as they are a half mile away from the school. And the bus was the best part!

  7. What fun! My boys would be all for playing this (including the part about getting hit by the bus!). Riding the bus was the one thing about public school all my boys wanted to experience too. Samuel didn't even get to ride the bus the 4 years he went. He was super upset one year on a field trip when he had to ride in my car because the bus was too crowded. He finally had a chance to ride a bus the year after that.

  8. What a fun thing to do! I can see you remember yourself how kids FEEL. (I found a lot of adults have completely forgotten.) I bet your kids LOVE having YOU for their mom!!!

    Madame Monet

  9. Hee hee...

    Okay, so my boys have Spiderman sandwich containers that look like the shape of a sandwich. It keeps it from getting squished. Which is cool.

    What is uncool is that my kids DO have to ride the bus this year since I enrolled them back into a charter school. The problem is that it's a two hour bus ride there but only a half hour ride back. They are first to be picked up in morning and first to be dropped off. But... I will be fixing our second car soon so I will be able to drive them myself.

    This year I have to try and get a reall small part time job at home (doing work on computer and phone) and so I needed to enroll kids).

  10. What a cute idea! If it werent for the "kill ya to comment" granny..I dont think I would have commented.


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