19 September 2008

Educating G

Yes, I know that's an old picture. G began his schooling at the local public preschool for special-needs children. He's since been diagnosed with autism, but has done reasonably well in school with help with things like finding his papers and making sure things are turned in. He does have a little trouble understanding what he's reading, but his self-esteem on this issue is way lower than his abilities. Emperor was remarking the other day that he thinks G reads quite well. G is ashamed of his reading, which makes me sad because I know how well he can do, and what he misses out on when he only looks at the pictures. I'm happy to report that his teachers this year seem to take an interest in him, and his science teacher has asked, "How can we get this kid to read?" Hey, think of an answer to that, and educators from all over the world will want to hear your method. :] I told him stuff with pictures might help. I don't really know. I wish I could make him see that he really can do a good job when he tries.


  1. It's nice when teachers care. Having teachers that care make a big difference. Hopefully they'll find a way to connect with G.

  2. What a nice teacher! Is it G who loves Pokemon? I tutored a kid once, using comic books. I know, I know. Maybe if you could find a Pokemon comic book, or something along that line, it would just tweak his interest, and boost his confidence. Just a thought, maybe one you've already tried.


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