19 September 2008

Educating Patrick.

Thought I'd do a short piece detailing a little bit about each child's education. Of course, we have to start with Patrick. He's always been a sweet and compliant child. He still (sort of) is except for the fact that he's bigger and starting to get "his own" (um, yeah right) ideas. But he's a great kid. He started reading before kindergarten, but I regret pushing him to learn a bit early with too many flash cards. I was deathly afraid the child would be behind in school when he began kindergarten. So I taught him to read. He could read and write almost fluently by the time he was ready to begin his formal schooling, and so I asked them to test him to see if he wouldn't qualify for a pass to first grade. Might as well. On the way home, Patrick told me the test went GREAT until they asked him to count to 20. Oh, no! I had never taught him numbers. At all. I'm sure I'd have gotten 'round to it eventually, but I guess that's a requirement to enter first grade. Now he is in ninth grade and doing very well. He's quite serious about it getting good grades, so if anything, I'll have to try to comfort him if he does poorly.

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  1. My daughter had the opposite problem. She could count to 100 before kindergarten, but didn't know how to read. Now she's much better at reading than math.


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