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NO Fighting Girls.

We should teach our young men that they are never, never to fight a girl. Never.

It doesn't matter if your son is on a wrestling team and wants to play. It doesn't matter if he wants to win at the state meet. EVERY boy should decline to wrestle the girl who has signed up to play. She'll just win the entire state championship by default. It would be the right thing to do because we never, never fight girls. Never.

The girl might get hurt, or worse yet, Sonny-boy might enjoy copping a feel while the young girl in question slams your kid to the mat and pins him, hard.

Well, I guess some people are into that.

But I would disagree with the entire premise of this article, which I think I outlined pretty fairly above. Ok, I was a little snarky about it, but the facts are all there... go see.

I need to get this straight with you right now: I don't think it's proper for young ladies to be wrestling. Or in the military. Or on the police force. Or a lot of things. But if you're one of those equal-rightsers and you want that job or you want to compete in that sport... well, good luck to you. Just don't be surprised if your butt is kicked on that mat. And don't pull that "I'm nursing an infant and can't go into combat" stuff if you're in the military. Not fair to the other guys. No fair asking for special leniency that a man wouldn't get if you signed up for the job. It bothers me that the first feminists had to give up SO MUCH just to get the job you-all whine about that doesn't fit in well with your motherhood and Joey's basketball practice.

But it's your life. I mean, if someone asked me to vote about it, I'll vote how I feel. But it's your life. I'm sure not going to complain if you're the female police officer who saves me from being beaten to death. I'm going to say you deserve a medal just the same as a man if he did the same thing. And I'm not so stubborn about this issue that I'll decline medical treatment from a female firefighter after that burning building rescue. I just have an idea in my head about how things ought to be for me and my family, and am tolerant of other lifestyles (look at me! I'm tolerant! LOL).

G had a young lady on his wrestling team. Her choice of idiomatic expressions were quite interesting... they really painted, um, dramatic word pictures. She was quite an unforgettable character. G is in her weight class and I had no fear that he would whip her butt at the sport. I mean, she signed up for it and so did he, so whatever happened, happened. Actually what wound up happening was that G and the other guys usually got their rear ends smacked to the mat by her. She was all equal opportunity about winning against every single boy.

I suppose there is no shame in getting beaten by a girl if all the other guys are doing it. :]


  1. Wrestling is a sport? OK. I have issues with females being in the military simply because I know my history & I know men will happily send the most expendable recruits into the hottest areas...History proves it. The Celts [among others] had female warriors & the image of an infant covered in blood trying to suckle from his dead mam is disturbing to say the least. But then I don't think anyone should be fighting anyone. Surely after all this time as civilized human beings we have found other ways to settle our differences? No, I know, but it is a lovely pipe dream...

  2. Ganeida, you pass me a hit of what you're smoking in that pipe dream because I think almost all of us yearn for that.

    I think heaven will be like that.

    Meanwhile, my son's gotten himself beaten by a girl LOL.

    Thanks for the amen, Terry! :]

  3. Thankfully, I tended to be faster than the girls I swam against.

    By high school: Much faster.


  4. As for women being in the workforce I don't really have a problem. The thing is as soon as they have a family, particuarly children, that should be their workforce. Their is so much teaching and training one can do or should be doing within the family... O and how many bros and sis have wrestled playfully at home? Once children hit puberty they should be seperated in sports in my opinion


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