14 August 2009

Treasure Island!

We're reading Treasure Island because I found a hardback copy with large print and some sea-going vocabulary explained in the margins for $1. And for free? I found this little gem of a pdf file. You'll like it.

Our first lesson instructs us to make up our own pirate name and make a pirate flag. Emperor made a "no odious French people" flag because of a reference in one of the early chapters. His pirate name is John.

Elf didn't want a pirate name! He wanted to just be his real name. No, no, no! he didn't want to choose from the list of pirate names, which include Salty, Scurvy and other choices. Can he just be called Elf? (But, there are no elf-pirates, kid. Besides, the whole point was to expand our horizons just a little bit and play along and be silly.)

No. And besides, his foot hurts. After much arguing and my telling him that if things go just wrong and he got a terrible infection, his entire leg would have to be cut off and I don't think our insurance covers prosthetics if it's your fault your leg came off... (Yes, I was being outrageously overworried about things, and he knew it.) He consented to getting a little peroxide on the cut finally after I told him I would take a picture for the blog and we'd call him "Red-Toe the Pirate."

So, here he is.


  1. Brilliant! Red Toe the Pirate!!

  2. Red Toe is an excellent pirate name! I was properly scared by his toe!!

  3. KC's mom, he loves the nickname! You'd have never guessed he didn't want to pick one for himself.

    Thanks, Dianne, I will let him read the comments so that he knows he is a very scary pirate. :]


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