18 August 2009

Just Checking In.


I haven't had much of import to discuss with you-all of late. In truth, D's Granny is very, very ill. She is probably dying. It's just a very hard time for D's side of the family. They live in Ohio, so it's a bit of a distance. D has already used his vacation up for the year. He has a lot of work he needs to do.

And I've had some ER trips and this and that that have cut down on D's productive work time because I can't effectively panic at the ER without someone here to watch Woodjie. (You remember our lovely ER trips, no? G got called a "faggot" this year, thus requiring him to prove his manly 14-year-old heterosexuality by slugging the offender... and then there was the doctor/ CT scans/ ER / overnight in the hospital for stomachache thing, and me falling UP the stairs like an idiot... I think that's all just since March.) We've also needed to take G back and forth to his aunt's house this summer. He just does so much better out on her farm, but that's a three day trip each time (drop off and pick up) because of sleepover time.

D wants to visit his Granny. He doesn't know how much longer she has. Could be days, hours or weeks. Probably not longer. We also don't want him to lose his job. It wouldn't be just for that... but that PLUS all the other stuff I mentioned PLUS the economy. Oh! Or just because. If this blog post disappears, it's going to be because D read it and said, "Don't write about my business," and made me delete it because it mentions his job. (Hey, you would be skittish, too, if you had to support eight people on your income.)

Already, D is reasoning in his mind and is not sure what to do. If he goes and plans a trip, he will not make the funeral. Should he see Granny now, or go comfort the family later? And there is the "a lot of stuff at work that MUST be done" factor, as D has only just returned from his vacation time. (Which we spent mowing the lawn and shopping at Sam's Club, mostly. Seems the time just starts and we figure out how to live with each other and get along in the same space, and then it's over.)

The family has opted not to tell Granny what is going on. She apparently has dementia, though I've never noticed it in my phone conversations with her. They have done all they can do, and nothing more but pain management and the like is going to be happening. I think they've told her that they can no longer fight the cancer aggressively, but she has not put two and two together.

It just stinks. Would you please pray for Granny, and for D? The family is just having a very hard time.


  1. I am praying now. I lost my Gran at 15. She died at home after I had been caring for her for weeks. It was so special. Gran's are very special! Hope that D will have the money, time and peace to do what he feels is best. Work is a very important thing in this economy. Hugs to you!

  2. Whatever you decide to do, it will be right for you. {{HUGS}}

  3. I am way behind on reading your blog... so you may see comments on old entries still.

    But, I wanted to let you know I will be praying for your family.

  4. Your week stinks worse than mine. ♥♥Hugs♥♥ Prayers too. For what it's worth D should go visit granny now. Last time with her. The family he can commiserate with when he can but Granny is a now thing. Man, life can get rough sometimes!

  5. I lost my grandmother last year and wasn't able to travel to see her before she died. It is extremely hard. Lot of prayers and hugs from our home will be going out for your family!

  6. you know how I feel about Nanas :)

    I agree with the person who said that whatever you decide to do will be the best

    I am so sorry that this is such a difficult time, another one of those times when I wish I lived closer - I would babysit any time

    I send good thoughts and lots of hugs - it is the way I pray

    plus I think about you all the time anyway

  7. ((Bonnie)) Thanks for the love there. I appreciate it.

    Thanks, Chris. It's been a hard time for D trying to decide.

    Ganeida, he's considering on it, but there is also the idea that Granny may hang on for a time, his sister will have to go back to work (she lives far away and took time off), and then the family would have a gap with no support. So, he's also weighing going later. It might just be a question of when.

    Thank you, Bronwyn!! This has been coming down the pike for some time, but still not easy for the family.

    ((Dianne)) I think about you, too! And sweet Hope. You are so very blessed to be so close to your gran-baby.

  8. I'm Sorry Mrs. C that your husband is going through this right now. doesn't he get at least 3 days bereavement time if someone in your immediate family dies?

    That is a hard choice to make, to see her now or comfort family when she is gone.

    Good Luck in whatever he decides, and I'm thinking of your family.

  9. Praying for D, Granny, and all of y'all!!!! This is never an easy time . . . praying for peace and comfort as you watch Granny go home to the Lord.

  10. I'm praying for you and your family.

  11. Shelly, three days would probably not be enough time for him to go, come back and be caught up with sleep for work. But I'm not sure if the company does or not. :[

    Thx, Tammy. Prayers are ALWAYS welcome!

    Allison, thank you. I have been praying for you, too, friend.


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