22 August 2009

Girl Stuff for Winter

I took an "Elmo playing baseball blanket" I bought for Elf years ago for his toddler bed and have re-covered it with polarfleece flowers. I'm also showing you what Rose's jeans look like midway through their transformation into "girl" jeans. Sewing the little cuff at the bottom turns regular Levi's into something that will prevent D from treating Girlie like one of the boys. It is about that time to look at what I have ready for the coming winter and alter a few things to my liking. I take a very long time on each project as I get involved in other things often like changing diapers, homeschooling and blogging. :]


  1. Love the jeans! Great idea. I have the same problem in reverse--it's a lot harder to de-girlie things. Bubba is just lucky he hasn't had to wear pink every day of his life.

  2. AWWW they are so cute!!!
    What a good idea, I am gonna have to try re-vamping some jeans.

  3. What a good idea, I love the jeans!

  4. That was so stinking creative of you! Such a smartie pants.


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