25 January 2010

The Lunch Line

My wrist was sprained yesterday afternoon, necessitating a trip to the emergency room. I'm on drugs, so that precludes our planned trip to the store today. The boys were disappointed as it is Rose's birthday, and they wanted to pick out the cake mix themselves. Sorry. Mom just bought chocolate and hopes you're ok with it. Elf wondered if we couldn't just have a store in our house just like the school (Elf, that is called a "cafeteria."). So here it is. We wait on line until the cafeteria bell rings (yay for timers!) We must enter our student number (Elf is 1, Emperor is 2. I'm original that way.). Then we must tally our meal cost and show the old cafeteria lady aka "Mom" what our beloved parents will be paying into the account. At one time, Emperor had racked up $317 and some change in charges. The lunch lady always appreciates "tips," but unfortunately, she also is in charge of teaching you the difference between the "cent" symbol and the dollar sign and/or how to use decimals appropriately. Finally, do you like Rose's hair doodle? Now that she can say "flower," the days of plain ponytails are over.


  1. Well done on the 'cafeteria' MUM!
    Rose looks adorable with her hair flower!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your trip to the emergency room! Actually, I'm surprised you didn't turn it into a whole "learning experience" for the kids! You are so good at doing that with everything....I hope you will be feeling better soon.

    Mary in Marrakesh

  3. Ouch. I hope your wrist heals up soon. Tell Rose happy birthday from the Paddocks!

  4. Thank you, Chris!

    Mary M., I left the children in the care of D and went alone. Unfortunately, my children are learning more than they should in our home environment right now. My injury is no accident... note passive voice in the first sentence of my post. :(

    Thanks, Mary P.! I'm hoping to be off the stupid-inducing drugs in a few days. :)

  5. You manage to blog with photos and build a cafeteria with a sprained wrist! Bravo!!!!

    (Praying for healing . . .)

  6. You are so incredibly cool. :D

    By the way, when I open up my SOS homeschooling page in the morning,I get your feeds on there. I'm such a tech nerd.

  7. Hope your wrist heals quickly.

    Love the lunch line !!!

    Happy birthday to Rose and she looks so cute with the flower in her hair !!!

  8. Get better soon!!
    Give Rose a big birthday kiss from me. I can't believe it has been a year already....wow how time go by. Keep up the good work, cause you ARE doing great.

  9. Ouch! Hope your wrist is feeling better.
    You didn't try to show the kids how to play Wonderwoman again.. did you? -- Dad

  10. Happy birthday to Rose. And I hope you get better soon. Hopefully, the ER didn't cost you an arm and a leg like us.


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