08 May 2011

The Internet STAR.

Well. Not long ago, he was just a friend of my older children, discussing graphically how he'd like to torture and kill small animals. My children were somehow not all that available to play with him after that. We just get so busy! I know, I should have just out and told his mom the real reason but there you go.

But now this child has grown up and become an internet STAR with actual fans and admirers. Really. He even has his own YouTube channel and gets PAID when he posts dumb crap. This kid posts whatever he wants. And he has THOUSANDS of people following... some crazy number like 265,000 views. He's there to answer YOUR questions. You know, questions like, "Can you fold your **** when you get a boner?" The answer is no, in case you were wondering.

Just as a side note, yep, I do feel a twinge of jealousy that the ****-folding guy has more viewers than my homeschool blog ever could. I do try to make my blog interesting but apparently it is not interesting *enough.* Really what SHOULD be happening is that this fellow should have about six people watching and the comments below his videos should read something like, "How puerile," or, "The boy needs a haircut."

But why am I writing about this star?

Recently I've been tryyying to reason with some local kids to PLEASE not post stupid crap online... it only leads to trouble... and then I see that dudes like this make it look like it's all glamourous to be disgusting.

Siiigh. I know at least one child of someone I know has made unfortunate youtube upload choices. Like most parents, I did occasional checks on the computer history - the things my child was watching? - and - whoaa. Stuff that's way out of line. STUFF THAT HE MADE.

Anyway, I know that those of you who have smaller children and are reading this are thinking, "NO WAY I would let my children post disgusting things! And they would never look up anything I didn't pre-approve except a few tutorials about how to pray properly. *I* am teaching my children to walk in the ways of the LORD and we read the Bible together and attend Sunday school and blah blah blah..."

Well, I would never wish that sort of trouble in your household, but we did all that and more until very recently. Children will - they WILL - grow up and choose what they will. Sometimes those choices are doggone dopey.

And if you have smaller children, you (thankfully for you) do not need (yet) to realize that our children grow to be more savvy - and start to leave the house more often! - as they age. It's not something I'm happy about, but it's just a given fact that my children (and yours, now or someday) could easily set up a gmail account on a friend's computer. From there, they could have access to youtube, facebook, and about everything else you can imagine. All it takes is an hour away from parents and a willing friend.

I'm not going to go into detail. I am simply stating that it's far easier to set these things up without parental contact/awareness than one might think. I check my computer history, and um, some other stuff. But there are ways around that. I'm sure most teens know what they are.

I guess I wonder whyyyy certain teens can't wait until they are adults and can have real "freedom of speech." And I suppose this star's internet videos are interesting to the teen set, but I'm having trouble understanding why they beat out classics like the video results you'd get from searches like "bad renters" or "hornet nest."

Really. Search that stuff on youtube and you will be watching in horror for hours. :)

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  1. How completely disappointing and disgusting.My kids would be too busy to play, too.


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