21 May 2011

"Me Happy"

Sometimes I'm surprised at the times Rose tells me this. Often it is when things are quiet and not much is going on. You'd also be surprised at the things that make children UNhappy. Recently there was a very big fight about "My sun!/ No, MY sun!/ No MYYY SUUUN!" going on between Rose and Woodjie. I kept trying to break it up but I swear off and on it lasted an hour. Notice: the sun now belongs to MOM, but she shares it sometimes because she is NICE. :)


  1. That's sweet. Well, the "Me happy" part. The fighting part not so sweet. Especially when you're the Mommy who has to listen to it. I've collected a few toys that way myself.

  2. Huh. It's MY sun. And don't you forget it. But I'll share....

  3. Mum is NICE and it is good to reinforce that sometimes. ;-)

  4. it's kind of you to share the sun, but that's how you are :)

  5. Not long ago my kids fought over whether or not David is going to marry Tina Turner when he grows up. I thought we had the corner on stupidest fights.

    Uh, actually a woman in Spain owns the sun. (http://news.nationalpost.com/2010/11/29/spanish-woman-claims-to-own-the-sun/)

    I think I should sue her for all the precancerous lesions I have had to have removed from my back, the doctor fees, pain and suffering and the pain-in-the-neckness of frequent visits with the dermatologist (who by the way was run out of town because of a contract dispute with our local clinic and can't practice within a 60 mile radius without having them sue her which which means I should get gas and a per diem too).

  6. My kids all fight over who's gonna marry mommy. I always says "GUYS! I'm TAKEN!!! NOW BE QUIET!"

    Someday they'll get it. There is more to a wife than the fact she washes your underwear and makes you food to eat. Goodness. I just pray they get a more organized wife than me. Tee hee...

    I love that they were fighting over the sun. Soooooo cute.

  7. I can't get through to comment on my posts. May not get through this...I'm sorry, dear, I don't mean to hurt you in any way. I've just seen a light, so to speak, after all these years of the label of autism that was given to my son. It's hard to explain, and I know I sound bitter. I'll try to get it together enough to post a non-cynical post. I need to work really hard on it. I may be out of touch (GRAND UNDERSTATEMENT) for a while.

    We Rose's all think the sun belongs to us!

    Rose (usethebraingsgodgiveyou,nee raggette, nee hardwonwisdom)


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