29 January 2012

Happenings at Home

I don't like yelling and I find singing at my children when they are naughty to be three times as obnoxious anyway.  I thought I knew for sure that I would be damaging any love for music that they would have otherwise developed.  Not so!  Elf wants to transcribe my angry song into something for EVERYONE at his school to enjoy.  He envisions the entire orchestra playing the "Mad at Kids Song," originally sung by his mother but properly composed by a very small Elf.  When it is finished, he will show it to his music teacher and she will love it for the masterpiece it is.  Elf also wants to be sure to have some sort of memory of my song after I am dead.  Nice, huh?

Woodjie!  I just luv Woodjie.  He was able to tell us that "ear hot" and fuss a bit so that we could take him to the doctor.  Sure enough, ear infection, in the ear he indicated.  Poor lil guy.  NOW he is almost done with antibiotics but has a cough bad enough that I would start to suspect whooping cough were it not for the fact that there is no outbreak here presently and also he had just gotten his booster vaccine on Friday.  I have sort of a love-hate relationship with those vaccines.  I feel like I am taking horrible risks if I do vaccinate, and also if I don't.  I hate that feeling of doing the wrong thing no matter what ya do, don't you?  It isn't just the vaccines.  Woodjie loves to play video games but gets VERY UPSET when his character dies.  I think if I didn't have a boodle of other children who are already into them that all game systems would disappear from the house.

Rose can "poo poo in a potty."  And is a "pwincess."  And had her birthday.  She lost her three!  She is now four, and that means pink PRINCESS cupcakes.  She has all the sparkly rings from the top of these storebought concoctions (schools don't let you bring homemade... and as there were 13 children in the class and I had to buy cupcakes in dozens... sigh).   I couldn't find a good present for her and D said yesss, we don't have to spend any money!  Ha.  Nooo, that just means that because Rose doesn't realize she is missing out and therefore won't pester me, I have lots more time to research expensive gift ideas on Amazon.  I'm thinking lifesize pink pony. 


  1. There has been an outbreak of whooping cough here...a 4 month old baby with RSV, and now whooping cough. The family has been quarantined. Yikes!

    I love it that you inspire musical ditties and composed songs! lol

  2. I think I might try singing at the kids too. What a great idea. I hope that when completes the masterpiece he will share it with us! Love that Woodjie can tell you what's wrong--that is AWESOME! And Rose is just so darn cute! Can't believe she is already 4?!

  3. I thought I was the only one that sang when I was upset. Haha! It irritates the crud out of my kids and I just keep singing. Or I'll sing really loud when they are arguing.

    I feel the EXACT way about vaccinations. People think I'm totally against them but that's not true. I just feel so wrong either way and I'm extremely conflicted about it. I wish I could find a kid doctor that would just talk to me about it with an open mind about how I feel rather than just treat me like an idiot. I do want to vaccinate, I just have some major fears. My friend tried for years to have a baby and I just found out last week her daughter went from a happy 18 month old, walking talking to a 5 month old mentality after she was vaccinated. THAT SAME day. My friend is heartbroken and it's her only child. I have 2 friends now this happened with and that's why I have such bad, bad, bad fears.

  4. I'm not that chuffed about vaccines either, but it's better to be safe than sorry I do belive.
    I can't BELIEVE Rose is now 4! OMy, I so remember her as an infant!

  5. As the non-singer in my family I'm the audience. Everyone is much better off with that arrangement. I have played the kids music on the aged stereo system from a previous age.

  6. You are so creative. I sing at my kids when they are obnoxious, but I just sing, "I've got peace like a river, I've got peace like a river..."

    Go Woodjie! Way to advocate for yourself.

    Happy Birthday Rose. She has lost her little chubby ballerina legs. My I have been reading your blog for a long time!


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