03 February 2012

Stuff. From Pier One.

Recently I went shopping with my friend Melissa at Pier One.  I bought these knobs for $4 each.  D must like them a lot but just not know it yet because he says he doesn't hate them.  He says well, at least with your Polish pottery you could claim it has some retail value!  Ha ha!  Here's a picture of the upper knob "before."  I had to run out and get a very special metric backing for the upper knobs because the wood is so thick they didn't go all the way through. 
Ta-da!  Finished.  C'est magnifique!  PS.  They let me open a charge account.  If I spend $9,000 I get $20 off my next purchase!  Ok, I only got that so I could have more than one credit card.  What-ever.  :)  And PPS. In case you are wondering the wood is "cherry wood" and ages strangely.  When I bought it new it was much lighter actually.


  1. It's beautiful! as is the entire vignette. I like your knobs. oops did that come out wrong?? lol

  2. LOL at Pam!
    I love your knobs too.

    $9,000 for a measly $20 off? What sort of deal is that?
    Like you are going to spend $9,000 any time soon eh?


  3. Pam, your admiration is appreciated. heh heh

    Chris, slight exaggeration, it's actually $500. Still. They disguise it all weird by saying for every dollar you spend you get 4 points and at 2000 points you get a coupon for $20 off. Um, sounds like you need to spend $500 for a measly $20. How exciting is that? I can't imagine most shoppers don't just do that math in their head and go, I don't think so. But I got the card for credit building purposes, not to spend $9000 for $20 off. lol


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