16 January 2015

Boogie Boards!

My friend Kerrie posted about these on facebook awhile back and I just had to get some to liven up our Spelling list time.  I don't know how much paper we'll save, but the littles have a lot of enthusiasm and are excited that they each have their own board.  Can you tell that I made Woodjie return to printing?  No matter how much we practiced, it seems cursive was never really going to be easy for him.  So.  He must sign his name in cursive, but otherwise he's off the hook.  Rose drew her little family on her board.


  1. Ha Ha, and I was picturing the kids at the beach on boogie boards in the shallow surf. Of course it's too cold there now, but you might have had photos from the summer.

    1. This is as surfy as we're going to get in Missouri! We're a little landlocked here. :)

  2. The boards are pretty cute, but those two darling's smiles are even better.


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