07 February 2017

Why It's Important to Learn About Percentages.

In homeschool this week, we're learning to estimate things.  We haven't learnt much about percentages yet, but the children do know how to divide by five to get that 20% tip if need be.  Despite the comments on this post in its original place on facebook, this isn't "Common Core Math."  It's a shakedown.

Also... as to leaving a "suggestive tip?"  Don't give any money, just halfway unbutton your blouse. 


  1. When did a tip get to be 20% I thought 10% was a fair tip. We don't tip out here, our servers get a fair wage so it isn't necessary, but I'm surprised a fair bit these days to go into a cafe or takeaway shop (pizza for instance) and find a Tip Jar on the counter. Usually these are places that are now run by new Australians, so probably tipping is usual where they come from.

    1. Here, waiters can earn less than $3 an hour! I don't understand how they can get away with that. It seems the diner is expected to pay the wages of the server. I don't like it, but I do it because that is the expected thing to do - it's just not right NOT to unless service is particularly horrible.

      Maybe when people like us go overseas, others think we are "rich" Americans when really it's just that we have a different understanding and are trying to be fair.


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