19 September 2017

Teaching Children About Healthy Boundaries

This video is hilarious, I think mostly because all of us have dealt with men like this at one point or another.  I actually used this video with Rose today in an effort to talk a little bit about appropriate boundaries.  Sometimes you need to ask people to leave you alone firmly.  Elf popped into the room, saw what was on the computer, and told me that the little kids shouldn't be watching language this inappropriate.  Of course he didn't know such words existed at that age... yes, I over-coddled the kiddo.  Hopefully he's gotten over it.


  1. I'm hopeful that I taught my kids how to keep their boundaries safe. They're aged 36 to 45 now, so I guess they're okay.
    It's never too early to start the teaching either.

    1. Especially for girls who feel they need to be "polite," as this young lady in the skit was... a bit too much.

  2. Very funny video... a good one to teach our kids how to say NO AND MEAN IT!


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