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Happy New Year 1900-Style!

My great-grandmother is sitting near the front-middle holding the latest rage, a stuffed "Teddy" bear.  Yes, they had electric lights.  My dad shared this photo on facebook tonight and I thought I would share it with you.  :)

Crazy Comment Monday!

Oh goody, it's back!  Today's crazy comment is um, pretty much this article and the entire comments section.  We all know that the shootings in Newtown are directly attributable to a "home school graduate."  Buncha wacko fundamentalist Bible-beaters who shouldn't be allowed to make choices for their kids, is what they are.  Although, hey!  The comment section reminds us that they're not all like that.  It should be ok for Pagans and Wiccans and stuff to homeschool because sometimes?  Homeschooling is about getting away from those religious nuts in public school.  Also?  Homeschooling is about segregation.  (Only think.  All the children in my homeschool are white.  So there's proof.)

Baby Woodjie and His Baby Woodjie Doll

Just because.

New TV Series!

TLC premieres "Nursing Home High," a reality show about high schoolers living in a nursing home.

Here's how it works.  Three seniors are ushered into a nursing home their last semester.  If they make it through without leaving the building and pass all their classes via skype, they will receive a $45,000 college scholarship.  But during non-school/homework hours, their electronics, phones, everything is taken away because old people usually don't know how to work these and/or they are too expensive.  There will be no way they can text their friends or have social contact with them during that semester, either, or they forfeit the prize.

They are also not allowed to talk to any family member older than they are during the show because in real life no 90-year-old can still phone her mom.  The TV staff will select one friend or younger sibling they can communicate with, but what the contestants don't know?  Is that the friend or sibling will have to pretend to have…

Too Sexy for This Job

She was the best technician this dentist ever employed.  But he had problems because he kept sending her text messages... and thinking about her lustfully... a lot.

His wife got jealous.  And then they consulted their pastor.  Here's where the story gets really weird.

Instead of telling this man to keep it in his pants, stop mentally undressing this woman, be faithful to your wife and apologize to her, smart up and act right in the office because you are an example of how Christ would treat his employees etc etc. ... well, instead of that "crazy" and traditional way of thinking about things, the pastor must have told the guy that it must be all that strumpet's fault for inspiring these thoughts... because the dentist fired her after that little counselling session.  And it's legal!

Like us hot girls don't have enough problems, right?

Merry Christmas!

My father and his twin brother at Macy's, 1954.  Aren't they cute?  My dad tells me that they had to wear the same outfit all the time.  When one of them got dirty, they both had to change.

Rose Says Hello!

Rose is learning to read now!  She is also becoming a discerning television viewer.  "That girl took Spock's brain," she told me this morning.  "That not very nice.  Now he can't move because his brain is gone.  When your brain is gone, doctor have to use a mote-control."  So please, folks.  Don't take anyone's brains this holiday season.  It's not very nice.

Christmas Elves

I cannot believe this.  Elf is upset that Woodjie brought home a Christmas Elf hat from kindergarten.  Only he is the Elf.  Woodjie says, "Now I a Elfie, TOO!  There TWO elves!"  Rose had to jump into the picture and G... well... what a goof.

Offensive Christmas Songs!

"Decent people in general" need to stop singing several holiday songs.  The Twelve Days of Christmas is just so capitalistic.  Way overboard on the gift-giving.  Or that song about Grandma getting run over by reindeer.  (Grandpa probably was in on the hit.)  Link

While we're at it, we need to stop singing about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  It's ableist despite the happy ending.  Songs about Santa Claus also glorify obesity, and our nation has enough troubles with that.  Most of all, though, we need to cut out all Christmas songs that have anything to do with Jesus.  It might make people of other religions feel left out. 

I'm being snarky here, but I'm still not sure if the article is serious...

Dear Stupid People

This did not all happen because God was "kicked out of school."  How freaking stupid ARE you to think that the King of the Universe is gonna obey some petty bureaucrat's rules and just let people get slaughtered.

No, wait.  How stupid are you not only to believe that crack-smoking theology, but to share it on social media.  Or stupid cubed?  Is seeing this opinion and "sharing" the wisdom.  Or telling your readers that 3,000 babies died from abortion today, and that's a way bigger number than 27... or that the solution to the problem is nobody having guns.  Or everybody having a gun.  Or bla bla bla whatever.

Shut up.

Just shut up.

Just shut up about whether you think the person who did this had mental illness A, B, or C or is autistic.  Do you know how many people out there with these diagnoses are healthy, productive members of their communities?  (You don't know, do you?  You have no clue.) And guess how many people without disabilities or diagnosed …

Emperor's Project

It's a little car kit.  It took him forever.  It turned out pretty cute, though.

Hoarding Roaches and Poop.

Ordinarily, I'm pretty skeptical.  I mean, people will do about anything to get themselves on TV.  But I just can't believe this.  I'm just floored. 

Sure, it's entertaining.  But after about five seconds I was thinking that these children need to be removed from the home, and I mean right away.  Don't even bother to pack your bags.  Ew!

This mother has diabetes and fibromyalgia and I'm not her doctor so I'm not going to doubt it.  But downing entire two-liters of Pepsi is probably not helping.  Popping used needles into the trash pile that is her living room?  They let the children stay there?   I can't believe the Hoarders crew even for one minute sat around and didn't pick up the phone.  I think social services is evil.  But I would be calling about this, and I don't care if the children in question are 17 years 364 days old or not.  No child for even one minute should be in there.  Neither should the adults, but presumably they have some sor…

Pace Yourself.

I wanted Emperor to do math with Elf when we first started homeschooling.  I figured he is already skipping two years of school to do math with Elf.  No point pushing him further still, yes?

But Elf kept his habit of daydreaming.  I'd have him work about five feet away from me so that every three minutes I could say, "Do your math, Elf... Do your math, Elf... Do your math, Elf..."

After a good long while, I reluctantly realized that I was really being unfair to Emperor.  He'd have all his schoolwork done for the day in an hour and a half and would be waiting for Elf to come play.  Often Elf would be "working" until well into the afternoon. 

With Elf, you can never do an extra lesson today so you have a free day tomorrow.  Elf is one of those people who is so stinkin' cute and friendly that you just love him, but driven to succeed or get ahead?  He is not.  Too many daydreams to dream.

Emperor is now the only homeschooler.  We had a bit of a scene today.…

Disabilities Often Caused by Poor Parenting

Did you know you can prevent learning disabilities just by reading to your child?  Study after study shows that children who are raised in a nurturing environment and read to consistently do much better in school than children who watch Honey Boo Boo's Hillbilly Playhouse and are ignored between whippings.

We can extrapolate this data to imply that every parent who has a child who is behind the state standard is a poor parent indeed.  This expensive trend of children coming to school with so-called "disabilities" is costing the state plenty.

Turn off the TV, people!  Pick up a book and just read it already. 

Bleh, whatever.  Sometimes when I read scientific offal like the above, I find it incredibly discouraging.  I like to think I'm living in the 21st century and eugenics is a thing of the past.  But it really isn't.  People generally speaking have just shifted the focus a bit from genetics to environment.  

If it were just the people you see around town in your…

A Very Elfie Christmas

How do you select holiday gifts for your people at home?  Here, Elf is getting old enough to look online with me and compare prices and features and select his own Christmas gift.  He's too old to just be surprised with whatever I pick on Christmas morning, but too young to be truly happy with a gift card.  I was leaning toward a $200 model that would only make bitty one-pound loaves, but had super-great reviews and about 1000 different gourmet foo-foo ways to use the machine.  Elf didn't want something so expensive.  He wanted something basic.  So we decided on a cheaper breadmaker with fewer features.  This is his first loaf, a cinnamon-raisin 2 lb. loaf on the "light" setting.  I know the picture makes it look like it's halfway burnt and halfway doughy, but the colour differences weren't so pronounced in person.  And the bread was super-yummy.  Elf will also be receiving a hand-painted Polish pottery bread tray to go with it because while I don't parc…

Emperor's Been Busy!

He's been going to several tournaments over the last month.  This month he won't be able to do much as D will be getting his tonsils out and I'm not going to leave him alone with several rambunctious children.  Tomorrow I'll be very busy attending meetings, getting children ready for school, and buying ice cream.