14 February 2008

Mommy's Dolly Baby

S weighs 10 lb. 4 oz. now. That's Emperor's birth weight! She is the perfect snuggle-size. Her hair is very soft. She has chubby cheeks and a big tummy, but the rest of her is very thin. She smells like milk, baby powder and vanilla pacifier. When she wakes up, she makes tiny sounds and you have LOTS of time to get things ready for her to eat or be changed.


  1. AWWW
    I just love the smell of babies. She is so sweet. What a special little bundle. She Is just too cute!!

  2. Perfect snuggle-size, what a lovely description! And she is so cute!

  3. Very beutiful indeed, just want to smooch those cheeks.

    Vanilla Pacifier? What, am I living under a rock?

    mom to 5 boys and two girls.

  4. Hi Audrey!

    Yep, the "soothie" brand pacifier smells like vanilla. We love these things since Patrick got his when he was in the hospital after his birth... almost 15 years ago LOL!


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