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Tired of All the Screaming and Crying

The Contents of My Fridge

Family Happenings

Salamigate 2013

I'm already crabby and grumpy because no one listens to me.  If only everyone did everything exactly as I said, nothing bad would ever happen.  But nooo.  Tragedy upon tragedy had to happen in my home this morning, because the routine is slightly off-kilter.

Which means I'm off-kilter, really.  The people who live with me will tell you it doesn't take much.

Elf opened the fridge and an entire package of salami somehow fell out, flipped upside-down, opened, and spilled all over the floor. 

It was tragic!  That was D's salami.  He had juuust bought it at Sam's Club.  Sam's Club is 20 minutes away, so that's like a whole hour's worth of work right there when you consider the shopping that has to be done.

So I'm annoyed.  I tell Elf to pick up the salami, put the dirty parts in the trash and save the clean stuff.

And he goes and throws the whole package away!  He made sure to mix all the salami up during the clean-up process, too.

I tried explaining to…

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope your weekend is relaxing.  This is part of the card Woodjie made for me at school.  :)

LINC Chess K-6 Division Winner!

Memoir of Mopsy

A Guest Post by Elf

Poor cat.  She has never been this sick before.  And it's only getting worse.  It seemed just yesterday that she was looking up to me, begging to be petted.  I shooed her away.  Now that she is suffering, I feel so guilty.

She's been left in the room, practically climbing the walls.  It's almost as if she's looking for a way out, looking for someone, looking for an escape from the prison she's in. 

Before we see her, mom calls the eldest children, my two big brothers.  I hear mother telling them something about Mopsy that I couldn't hear.  Then mom says for us to wait while my brothers say "Hi," to Mopsy.  I can tell from her look that there's more to this than she's letting on.

My big brothers come down the stairs, saying they had their turn.  Now, it's my turn to talk to her.  I go into the kitchen to talk to Mopsy.

She looks terrible.  I've never seen her like this.  She lies on the floor, her breathing raspy.  …