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New Law: Schools Need to Know if YOU Own a Gun.

When you enroll a child in a Missouri school, you will need to make sure they know what firearms are in your private home.  It doesn't matter if it is a public, private, or charter school.  So even if you "homeschool" with the internet through a Missouri-recognized cyberschool, this proposed law will affect you.

The new law won't violate the Second Amendment, proponents say, because you can still own a gun or what-have-you.  You just have to share that information with the school. 

I'm thinking no, thanks.  I cannot believe the knee-jerk reactions on both ends of the political spectrum in light of recent events.

NO Punishments in School.

"Punishment can never achieve anything but temporary, resentful compliance, and it generates significant problems in the bargain," writes Alfie Kohn.  "It doesn't make the school safer. The wrongdoer doesn't become a better person—just cleverer about avoiding detection."

I'm not so far down the gentle parenting path that I would take his argument to the conclusion that he does:  punishing corrupt bankers, even, isn't helpful.  And we should never punish children because it teaches other children that they, too, are only there under the good graces of those in power.

Well, my.

I'd like to see schools do more "working with," as he calls it.  Certainly we don't need to paddle children or lock them in closets when they misbehave.  And yet, this sort of thing is happening daily in public schools.  Daily.  So many of the teacher blogs and the like go on and on about, "Should Johnny get detention and what if his mom doesn't …

Normalcy Awareness Month!

Don't you just love the "My Child has AWEtism" and "Handicapped people are such inspirations!" type pics all over facebook?  Yeah.

80,000 Kids Learning Little to No Math.

Orthodox Jewish schools in the New York City area teach little to nothing in the way of "secular" subjects like math and science.  Mayor Bloomberg (God love him!) stated recently that he isn't sure if it's his place to do anything about it.  Because he's too busy making sure no one drinks more than 21 ounces of soda at a time.  Or maybe some state department deals with that.  Well, he doesn't know. *shrug*

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz implied that doesn't really care whether little Jewish kids learn to do algebra.  I mean, just as long as they're ignorant for religious reasons.

"It’s not for me to intervene in the priorities of education of religious institutions, whether they be Catholic or Protestants or Jews or Muslims or whatever it may be in any other religion, Buddhist and Hindu," he said.

It's not for me to intervene in his choice of career, either, but I think "Marty Mark" would make an excellent name …

Driving Drunk Should be Legal!

About two-thirds of all accidents are caused by sober drivers!  So we need to focus on sober drivers instead of people who drive drunk.  Also?  "The campaign against so-called 'drunk drivers' is another feminist hate men program."

Yessss... there was really a serious news article about allowing drunks on the road legally in County Kerry, Ireland.  And I gleaned all that rockin' wisdom from the comments section.  But the local council reasons that allowing a few drunks on the road is a net social benefit because then these boozers wouldn't have to drink alone.  It will decrease depression!  Those poor rural men.  There is no way, I suppose, that an Irish man can socialize unless he's good and drunk.

I didn't say it!  But the article certainly implies that boozing it up is the only thing to do.  Have they not discovered basketball or golf in Ireland yet?  Pool?  Cards?  The Super Bowl?  I mean, really... there must be something else to do in County Kerr…


Disdain = Discrimination?

"Special needs children need to be special somewhere else."   Article.

A child with Down's Syndrome is dissed in a private conversation at a nearby table, loud enough for others to hear.  The child's mother says that this is a case of discrimination because he wasn't being loud or disruptive.  To my mind, if it's discrimination, it doesn't matter if the person in question is being loud or disruptive.  If someone from Mexico were loud and obnoxious, it isn't somehow then OK to make racial remarks, you know?

I don't think it's discrimination, though.  This child is not being discriminated against.  Perhaps a matter of words or semantics, but discrimination would be if his employer said that.  Or his teacher at school.  Not a bunch of hoo-has at a nearby table.

What I think it is, is hateful.  And unacceptable.  And a form of bullying.  And I applaud this waiter for refusing to serve the table.  The customers left and the waiter is not sure if he…

Poor? You are a TV-Watching Screamer.

"Children who don’t go to preschool are usually from more disadvantaged families, which means they watch lots of TV and are yelled at more than they are praised, which some researchers believe can stunt cognitive development." 

This sounds really scientific!  But it got one commenter very confused.

"What happens if my kids are from a middle income family who does puzzles with them, reads books with them, plays games, takes them on outings, but also lets them watch television and the praise/shouting ratio is probably around 50/50 depending on the day?" wrote Reality_Jane.  "Do we send them to preschool for half a day, then?"

In totally unrelated news, my four-year-old attends preschool for four half-days each week. Ha ha!


You Are Fat

How do you have a discussion with a family member about how fat he is?  Dawn Lermon discussed her embarrassment growing up with a morbidly obese father on Talk of the Nation today.  Her family life as a child, she related, was never normal.  Her dad took up two seats on a plane.  He couldn't walk up the stairs.  When he had to go out, he had to get a special taxi. 

So.  We obviously need to give "stop being so fat" advice to our family members.  It's absolutely appropriate to clue them in that you notice what a hog they are.  That will motivate change!

One listener emailed that her father was very fat and diabetic to boot.  At Christmastime, he had ordered a huuuuuge danish and was about to eat it when the daughter snatched it, told him he shouldn't be touching food like that in his condition, and do you know how many calories are in this thing? 

And she called the pastry chef so that the dad could be educated on how bad this food really is.  Oh yes, she called.…

Some People Should NOT Homeschool.

I take it as a matter of faith in humanity that all parents can homeschool.  I really think everyone can.  It's just that not everyone should.  So here's my personal list of judgey-judgey reasons you shouldn't homeschool.

1.  You are a child abuser.  Now... I don't just mean the registered (tm) kind.  I mean the kind who doesn't just let an unkind word slip every now and then, but calls his kids  @#4ing maggots frequently, says he wishes they were dead, could have had a much better life without your stupid *2s around, and so on.  Or the kind who doesn't teach his children anything, or to clarify for you "unschoolers" out there, doesn't encourage, guide, or model good learning behaviours.  You know what I mean. 

2.  You can't make up your freaking mind and/or are psycho.  No fair pulling your kids one week because the schools are ungodly hotbeds of heathenism, doing a couple of colouring projects, reading three Bible verses and doing a math wor…

What to do With Unmarried Daughters.

You know, I love my daughter.  I don't want anything bad to happen to her when she is outside my range of protection.  So I'm sorta thinking that her going to a far-away college is a bad idea.  We still have a little time to think about it, though, with her being four years old still and all.

But thankfully, I found a handy-dandy article about what to do with grown daughters that is pretty helpful.  I mean, I could use this as a guide if Rose hasn't landed a husband by the time she's 18.  One good suggestion would be to get together with other Christian families and start match-making.  Adult children don't need time and space to make up their own minds, or meet their own spouses and decide for themselves.  Bah.  Free will is like, really over-rated.

Another thing I could do is to find good volunteering opportunities that would lead (somehow) to her meeting Prince Charming.  Like signing her up to clip toenails of the old people in the nursing home!  No, really.  I…

Hey, Girl...

A 15-year-old girl from Iceland wants to use the name that her mother gave her when she was born.  It's "Blaer."   Weird?  Maybe.  But certainly no weirder than "Stulka," or "Girl," which is what she's currently being called by everyone.  See, her mom didn't choose from the government pre-approved baby name list for girls.  Over 1800 choices and she went and chose something different.  Well, I went and generated this official Ryan Gosling meme in her honour.  :/