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Woodjie Checkers

We're actually playing this way on purpose. We set up the checkers and make a line of toys across one side of the room. Woodjie is placed on the other side of the line of toys and we begin the game... a normal game of checkers. Well, except for the fact that when Woodjie takes a checker, that checker is "out," and we can only play in areas Woodjie is not occupying. It adds a new dimension to an old game.

I'm Not Sure What to Think of This...

Catholic hospitals in Connecticut will now offer Plan B to all alleged rape victims treated there...

Now, I had *thought* that Catholic teaching in general was stridently pro-life. But suddenly, juuuust before a Connecticut law is scheduled to make Plan B availability for rape victims mandatory, VOILA! They slightly change their morality to suit the situation.

I do understand that even in conservative Christian circles there is debate on whether abortion is morally acceptable for rape victims. I know that Pat Robertson, for one, has spoken against laws that would, in his words, force the rape victim to then bear the rapist's child. However, when you've taken a stand on something, as the Catholic church has, on the ABSOLUTE sanctity of human life from the moment of conception, and pitch those tenets in the trash when it becomes inconvenient, well... I would just say that one wonders how free from moral relativism such a church would be.

Do you …

"New" Plates!

I bought some plates for 99 cents each. I'm figuring we'll feel a little silly eating with these in July when we have guests, but I was running out of plates constantly and these were in good condition at the thrift store. Now, we have three kinds of plates, but we don't run out like we used to.

NO Cold Medicines For Children Under 6??

I hate when these medical organizations come out with blanket statements like this. Elf is severely asthmatic, and he has been taking Dimetapp and all sorts of other things, in addition to his prescribed medicines, since he was about *3* because our allergist has told us to when he has a cold. And yes, when Dr. S. tells us to do something, we've discovered the hard way that it's best to do what he says. I can't tell you how frightening it is to have your child get breathing problems, and knowing it's because you've slacked off on his medicines because you don't want to put a bunch of stuff into him he doesn't need. It's no time to be a purist and deny him those medications.

He *needs* that stuff. We pay a LOT of money for about 7 or 8 different medicines every month. Now, most of the time our regular physician cannot even tell he's asthmatic by listening to his lungs. It's when the Elf gets a cold that things …

Please Don't Let the Democrats Win... Pleeease...

John Edwards is off running his mouth again about the abysmal state of education in the inner city. (He is really one to know these things, you see.) And guess how we're going to fix the problem? Well, we'll cut tax "breaks" to richer folks and throw lots of money over to the inner city school districts. It's not communism or anything... just people paying their fair share in a "Robin Hood meets Lenin" sort of way. The plan would cost $7 BILLION initially and INCREASE IN COST. What's sad is this is his rosy projection... before reality gets in the way if he is elected.

Oh, and he wants universal preschool on a "voluntary" basis. Enough said on him... I know once the homeschoolers out there read about "preschool, universal and voluntary" in the same sentence, others will say it way better than I ever could.

Clinton, though...

Anybody read where she wants to give away $5,000 per child born in the U…

We Need Affirmative Action!

Evangelical Christians are under-represented in the Ivy League schools! Oh, no! *Maybe* because less emphasis is placed on education as it relates to "success" in these families. *Maybe* because many very conservative families tend to have several children and no way they're even thinking of footing the bill for these expensive colleges with so many other folks still to care for at home. And maybe they wouldn't want their child going, even if he got in. The Ivy League schools and pretty much about anything on the East or West coast... well, those areas don't have the reputation of being accepting of people who may have conservative beliefs. I daresay maybe there is an INTOLERANT atmosphere.

So I suppose there are quite a number of factors "against" a conservative Christian applying and being accepted into these schools. So we need affirmative action, right??


Last time I checked, Asia…

That Sonogram Had Better Be Right!!

Had another sonogram yesterday and bought this dress to celebrate afterwards. It's a Polly Flinders handsmocked dress! Price 'em on Ebay or elsewhere online and you'll see what a bargain this 99-cent dress really is!! Cute, huh?? That sonogram had better be right!

Stop Having So Many Children, You @#*%!!

OK, I thought that would be an interesting title... anyway... I was blog-browsing and came across this little letter and response from a family with "only" seven children. I honestly think that if I were the recipient of this letter, that I would throw it in the trash bin and/or hit "delete" without answering it. But for whatever reason, Mrs. B. Phillips chose to not only answer this 'interesting' letter, but do so in a Christlike and calm manner.


Awww.... the children were so little and the Anpanman was so new... Now poor Anpanman looks dirty and worn. I've sewn his cape back on a million times. ALL the children love him so. Even baby J wants to nibble on Anpanman's nose. Unfortunately, we can't buy Anpanman at the local store; he's from Japan, and our pen pal sent him one year when we exchanged gifts. The children are playing with this constantly, or Anpanman is always "hiding" inside one of the boys' secret hiding spots... somehow.

Happy Birthday to My MOM!!

OK, now you know what my mom and dad look like. I knew that all my readers were really curious about it. Happy Birthday, MOM!!

The Emperor's New Hat

You can see baby Woodjie's bunny hat in the background, too! Post a comment and tell D what you think of his photographs... he has taken several of the photos I've posted these last few days.

From Ryan Dobson's Book, Be Intolerant

And Jesus said unto His disciples, "Go into all the world, teaching all men to live any way they want, and urging each to find his or her own path to God. Let not any one of you make someone feel inferior or victimized because of their beliefs. Above all, be tolerant. Verily, verily I say unto you that what you believe and how you live do not matter, so long as you are sincere."

Leaving that place, Jesus led His disciples to Jerusalem where they broke bread at Club Upper Room. There He addressed them again, saying, "I am one of the ways, one of the truths, and just one possible life. If you are basically a good person, you're okay in my book. And if you choose to come to the Father (or Mother, if you prefer) through Me, that's cool. Now go forth to live according to whatever feels good to you."

And there was much rejoicing.

Have You Heard of This Man?

I came across the second story through a link on Then I looked in Wikipedia to see if there were some sort of corresponding story. It makes you wonder at any given moment what is REALLY happening in the world around us. And we will probably never know this side of heaven. Unfortunately on the other side of this life, when every tear is dried and we are in total communion with God and at peace with one another, we'll forget to ask all those hard questions probably.

Or I imagine so.

In any event, has anyone *else* ever heard of this man? And his contribution to this world through his ONE action on ONE night... it's just incredible, if true, that we have not heard of him at least annually every September. Somebody post a comment because I'm really curious as to whether I am the only person who has never heard of Petrov before today.

He is *STILL* Being Naughty.

Now baby Woodjie wants to stand *all* the time and he'll cry when things are just out of reach. He doesn't WANT to have to get down on the ground and crawl to anything anymore... but then he will cry because he tried to walk and clonked his head. And he doesn't WANT to go to sleep any more, ever again. He wants to stand up in the playpen. Then he will cry because he's tired...

Hmm... Read This, Please.

Of course, not being personally involved with the Jena incidents, I could not tell you if everything in this story is accurate. BUT, I do think this is the first time on the issue that I've seen a real attempt to uncover "what really happened" and why the different "sides" on the issue feel the way they do. Blessedly free of incindiary racial comments from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and hang-em-up white supremacists. There are no easy answers to this "situation," but I do think this story clarifies a few facts that tend to get muddled in some of the other stories I've read lately.

Bless you guys!

Quit Yer Whinin'!! Everyone Makes Mistakes!!

So a three-year-old with speech and hearing problems gets dropped off at an abandoned building. We don't want to FIRE anyone over such an incident, now... The parent who wants some accountability should be nicer!! Quoting from the story:

"The school superintendent said the bus driver is very competent and that everyone makes mistakes. He also says the school system has reviewed and updated it's policies to make sure this never happens again."

Their POLICY of having the aide personally HAND the child over to a responsible adult is just FINE. Their handling of the situation after it occurred was NOT. Fire the aide, at least, and possibly the driver, too, if she or he was in a position to see that the aide just dumped the kid somewhere.

You know, a lot of the time what we *need* to fix a problem isn't new rules or laws. It's enforcement and double-checking that what we have in place is actually being followed. Do we NEED new imm…

Look! A Picture of Me and Baby Woodjie!!

Now, you can't say I don't post current pictures of myself. I look *good* in this one LOL!

Official Colonial Shoe Models!

We're learning about shoemakers and blacksmiths in our Social Studies time. Now, a real colonist would use wood instead of cardboard, and leather instead of fleece, and nails instead of glue. Other than that, these are really AUTHENTIC colonial shoes made on the templates in our Bob Jones studies. They don't have any do-it-yourself blacksmithing stuff but they did have printing before if you have been reading long enough. We also got to tie in a bit of math and talk about why "measuring" would be important for a shoemaker. Elf and Emperor wondered... WHY would "measuring" be important? LOL they would have had some verrry unhappy customers if they mismeasured, I'm sure... Just as an aside, did you ever wonder what a "latchet" is? John the Baptist talks about not being worthy to undo the "latchet" on the shoes of Jesus. A latchet is the buckle area in the front there. We used a tie instead of a buckle with holes, but either could …

Because EVERYONE'S Been Asking...

OK, no, they haven't. But I like to *imagine* everyone really wants an update on how our pumpkin is ripening on our deck during the sunny hours...

A Current Picture of Patrick!!

This was snapped sneaky-sideways by D during his birthday festivities. The child decided, since relatives live far away and send checks for *me* to buy presents, to save all the money in the cards and save for a Wii system. He is obsessed by the thought of having his own game system. Unfortunately, we told him to research all about it first and now we have to hear alllll about it alllll day, Paper Mario this, game controller that, some Me My mall that you put characters in... blah blah blah. I can't wait for him to save enough to buy the thing because then he'll be too busy playing it to talk allll about it allll day long... But Wiis are expensive and Patrick got $75 from relatives for his birthday. Only something like $500 to go when you count taxes, and a game to go with it, and Paper Mario this, and game controller that....

Happy Birthday "Patrick!"

My oldest child is 14 today! He's very camera-shy of late, so this photo from... 2 or 3 years ago will have to do. He's in the brown sweater with the red stripe.

Extra Toe? Mild Disease? Let's Kill the Kid!

Hey, you know all this prenatal testing for mild deformities is really helping people out. It is a benefit for us so that we can "prevent" these problems from occurring in our children. I didn't really understand what they meant until recently.

Do you know what they mean?

You can "prevent" a problem from happening to your child by killing it before it emerges from the womb. Problem solved! Ta-Da! Just wait a month to recover and then try again for that perfect baby. Aren't you glad for modern science?

Actually, I *am* glad for modern science, but only to a point. And this news story is sure past that point...

I've heard of other parents of children with autism who are maybe more purist than I am, who say that they would NEVER change their child with an operation or drug if one were found to practically "cure" the autism. I would beg to differ for my family, anyway.

What if there were a medicine that would make hi…

You HAVE to Be Kidding Me!!

A legal suit because a couple undergoing IVF is having twins. They only wanted ONE, you guys, and it's not fair that they have to spend more money on two children instead of one. The people who did the IVF should have to pay for the entire cost of raising *their* child.

The selfishness and self-centeredness of this couple is astounding. I could see perhaps, feelings of sadness and disappointment when things don't go "your way." I really could, even with two healthy children. God understands that D and I struggle mightily some days, or some weeks, as the parents of two children on the autism spectrum. You can't understand the mixed feelings and emotions, some of which are decidedly not "Christian," until you go through a similar trial. So I have some sympathy for the idea that this woman and her husband are disappointed that things did not go as they had planned.

But not much sym…

No! That is VERY Bad!

Woodjie, you sit right back down and stop with this "standing" thing. You are *not allowed* to grow up, young man. That smile doesn't work on me. Sit back down. Aw... OK. But don't make a habit of this.

I Have Permission For This Blatant Theft...

It's Lori's cookie recipe!! Thanks, Lori! You'll find my friend Lori at These cookies are very sweet and you can taste the sugar, but they also are good for meals. I ate about a whole tray of them for "lunch." Then I had a few more for a "snack." Try them and see if you agree that they're the best!

Only thing is, you moms with more than 3 kids will probably want to double this recipe because we found these cookies went fast...

The Best Oatmeal Cookies
(yields about 2 trays cooked)

1 cup butter or margarine (softened)
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups flour (I use white and wheat flour mixed)
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. salt
3 cups quick or old fashioned oats (uncooked)
1 cup raisins

Preheat oven to 350
Mix butter and sugars until creamy
Add eggs and vanilla
Mix flour, baking soda, cinnamon and salt and add to wet mixture.
Add oats and raisins, mix well.
Drop rounded spoon…

Cookies! Pumpkin Pie!

Everyone's been very busy preparing and eating things in the kitchen these last few days! You can't tell from the picture, but *tiny* fingers can do perfect and beautiful crimping like you would not believe... Of course I went and burnt it in the oven and now that detail is gone... Thanks to Lori for the cookie recipe!

The Pumpkin Patch!!

Elf and Emperor had a great time on the pumpkin patch tour. We got to see all different kinds of pumpkins as well as pet the animals and go on a tractor ride to pick our *own* pumpkin! All this for less than half the cost of general admission, because we were a "school" group. School groups, unlike other customers, get to take the pumpkins home but they don't get to play on the "pumpkin playground." For an $18 difference, we can skip the playground!!

Barry Manilow!

Play your rap music too loud, and you could be listening to Barry Manilow or other assorted songs you are guaranteed not to like. Actually, the judge will ask what kind of music you hate and have that available for your listening displeasure after he finds you guilty. He's found it's *ever* so much more effective than a fine or jail time, and he has few repeat offenders.

Actually, I have found in my adulthood I don't HATE Barry Manilow like I thought I did. It was always my mom's *singing* with Barry Manilow that I found intolerable. Somehow her singing "Mandy" while folding towels in the living room failed to inspire me to admire the Manilow's greatness LOL!

Love ya, Mom! And incidentally, my children will tell you I sing even worse than about anyone on the planet. It is a torture worse than death and one that I reserve for my children when they are naughty. (No, I really mean it... just ask them!)

World Pastor Tony Alamo!

Patrick, G and I were walking out of our local Hy-Vee yesterday and getting in our car when we noticed a flier in the windshield. But not just any flier. This was a super-thick newspaper all about how GREAT the "World Pastor Tony Alamo" is and all of his beee-utiful end-time prophecies which are sure to take place soon!

Soon, he says, there will be "worldquakes" and other disasters leading more people to faith in Christ. But I'm sure the Great Prophet Tony Alamo will be glorified... The flier even has a picture of him with Willie Nelson! WOW!

So G and I are snickering about this on the way home. G starts calling him "Tickle Me Alamo" and Patrick is getting upset, saying we should NEVER make fun of our Christian brothers and sisters! It's just wrong! *snort*

OK, I looked up his name on the ol' Wikipedia and the mug shots they have of the guy going to PRISON weren't as nice-looking as his photos on the flier LOL! And to know that he directed ch…

I'm Not Shedding Any Tears For These Salesmen...

So drinking is legal in Iraq. But devout Muslims feel that they are forbidden to drink, and that this sort of sale is against the cultural norm. Actually I support the Muslims on this... think of the devastation they avoid in an being sure that those who would be alcoholic never really fall into that trap. Think of the lives and money saved.

I've never seen anyone tell me about how alcohol has been a positive influence in their lives, or how without alcoholic beverages, they could NEVER have come this far in life... you know. Honestly I think that if it were not for heavy taxes such things would probably not be legal here in the US in 50 more years, and not so much for the "morality" of the issue but the health and safety aspect of these habits.

Yes, Jesus drank wine. He even turned water into wine. But bet you that if He were hanging out on an Indian Reservation, he wouldn't be passing out the Jim Beam to everyone. He'…

Smoking is Bad. You'd BETTER Quit or Else.

Well, smoking would lessen the chances of a full recovery if we operated on your broken ankle. Since you're having trouble quitting, you can just have a bunch of morphine and listen to the broken bones rub together while you walk. We don't want to pay for something that might not work, you know...

Are you kidding?? The guy doesn't quit smoking permanently so he's going to never have his ankle set? After he's paid into the insurance his whole working career? It hardly seems fair.

And I know from personal experience that quitting smoking is tough, but I can't think of too much better motivation than hearing your bones rub together as you walk, or having to take morphine all the time. Can't you just quit for a couple weeks and start after the operation? Hey, that's just the kind of Christian that I am that I think of these things.

You're welcome.

Sensory Input Time!

The Emperor *refused* to touch this stuff. He's a little strange about touching strange textures, and he has trouble with his writing. Eventually, though, we got him to play a little bit and maybe even have some fun.

"Vultures" Doesn't Even Describe It!!

From MSNBC News:

Quote from page 2:

In many hospitals, organ network representatives now routinely comb through patients' records looking for potential donors.

"It's like they're vultures flying around the hospitals hovering over beds waiting for them to die so they can grab the organs," said Michael Grodin, a Boston University bioethicist. "That's the impression you get sometimes."

In some cases, OPO representatives request tests, such as HIV screening, of a patient without obtaining family members' consent, or ask doctors to administer blood pressure drugs or other medication to keep a possible donor's organs viable until their suitability can be determined and the family consent can be obtained.

(End of quote)

Do you know what? I refuse HIV screening every time it is "offered" and I certainly wouldn't want it done against my will no matter how close to death I am. What if I miraculously recovere…

I Hope He Gets Hired Somewhere Soon...,0,1176566.story

It's tough enough for a former offender to get a job... but once he gets one, should his being a hero get him fired? I hope this story prompts folks in his area to give him a chance in his line of work. The added bonus is, the person doing the hiring is probably going to have a safer restaurant...

Pumpkin Picking!!

You can see how that pumpkin vine is RIGHT next to the street. It was just time to pick the pumpkin, even though it was green. We have had trouble with some of the older boys on the street in the past and I know how heartbroken the boys would have been to see their pumpkin stolen or smashed. It's very green, but look how much fun the boys had picking it! Did you know that pumpkin vines are prickly? That it is hard to pick a pumpkin, really? The boys were surprised at how heavy it is and at its yellow underside. It measured 30 1/2 inches around and is sitting on our back deck in the sunlight. We're hoping it can ripen a little there.

This is Me.

That's all I'm going to say...

Cheating on Word Games...

D and I were very frustrated that we were only able to find "so many" words in the two-minute time frame we're given on the Letter Linker game. We *thought* we'd solve the problem by taking a quick picture, hitting pause, looking at our picture and deciphering about a million words onto a piece of paper, and then getting back into the game to type these out. We had visions of mega-big scores dancing in our heads. But the score didn't wind up any higher. I think it's because you can only type so fast. D and I used to play this a lot together. This is actually a very old picture, stashed away with photos of me literally 100 pounds lighter. Maybe I will post one of those soon and just say "this is me" without elaborating... as long as none of my online friends really sees me *today* it won't be a problem, right??

MORE Pumpkin Pictures!!

The top photo clearly shows a fair bit of growth since I last photographed it... I asked the boys if they were ready to pick the pumpkin yet, but they're willing to chance it that the neighbourhood kids won't smash it for the next few days. We got some *free* pumpkins from the local nursery because we're "members" of their young gardeners' club. Usually the second we get their fliers we rush in with them... only to find the promotional item is somehow "out of stock." Not today! YAY! Elf and Emperor got to bring these home and clean them in the tub. Elf wanted everyone in blogland to see him in the tub with his pumpkin... would I take his picture?? Um... no... sorry...

Hey, Fat Kid...

Yes, parents and their overweight children are TOTALLY UNAWARE, after attending public school for years, that they *might* have a weight problem. There would just be no way for them to tell. They couldn't possibly use their eyes and see that they might be "bigger" than other kids their own age. The positive peer group certainly would never call attention to any weight discrepancy between themselves and their larger classmate.

We *need* the state to weigh these children and determine their BMIs, so that parents and their children can be aware of this growing problem! (pun intended LOL!) Heaven forbid parents OPT OUT of such a program - how dare they! And probably the fat kids' parents are the ones doing the "opting out," too! No fair!

Helloooo, Arkansas, these poor children deal with enough merciless teasing from their classmates. They already can figure out that they're fat and that they should "eat less a…


D took this picture! Soon Woodjie will be standing and walking. He only *just* turned 9 months. He's not allowed to grow any bigger or I will have to dig out the 3t's from storage... that's the next size up! He weighs about 26 lbs.


I'm *SO* sick. I came down with strep yesterday but had too many appointments to see the doctor until this morning. Of course I tested positive, as the doctor was so kind as to shout in the hallway as she was entering my room... sigh...

I have had the obligatory shot in the rear end and hopefully will feel much better soon. D of course came home less than half an hour after I got home from the doctor... because he is feeling worse than I am!!

I had an allergist appointment with the Elf and that took almost three hours. By the time I got back D was in even worse shape and grabbed a three-hour nap.

Now it's my turn! G'night!

Ben Franklin's Print Shop!

Well, we're learning about it in social studies and it made for a nice title... I've shown the boys how D's leatherworking letters are backward-looking, so that they can make "forward-looking" letters! Same with our stampers. We put ink on these, laid them on the desk face-up, put a paper on top and "printed" just like the old presses. Well, not really. The old presses were much bigger and you got to roll the ink on and get all messy. But they got the idea. They also worked "typing" messages with some backwards letters in the Bob Jones social studies curriculum.

MEGA Pumpkin!

Well, at least the biggest pumpkin I have grown, EVER. The boys and I are so excited to see it get a little bigger every day! It no longer has a flower on the bottom and is "recognizable" as a pumpkin, even if it is a bit green.

Old Picture... But...

But I bought a pack of twisty-looking balloons complete with a small air pump in the hopes of making SOMETHING with balloons. It looked like too much fun. I doubt very much I'll be able to get this intricate!

Do You Think He's Funny??

I don't.

Jerry Lewis's telethons have always been an overdone, sniffling affair complete with way too many "updates" on money raised and stories that make it *sound* as if just another $20 from everyone watching will help little "Joey" walk next year... I think it works against the general notion that giving should be done without compulsion. But, whatever. I guess there are worse things on TV.

Do you think he caught himself nearly saying "faggot?" It sure sounded like it to me but then I just watched this one little clip and not the whole telethon to put it into proper "context." I guess it wouldn't make sense to me if that's what he did.

I love comments, by the way. But just FYI, I don't generally publish anonymous ones. Make up a name for yourself, anonymous, and I'll post what you wrote before. Though I do disagree with you. :]

Aw... Don't You Just LOVE John Edwards?

Oh, yes. It's going to be a GREAT day if he gets elected President, because guess what? You'll be *required* to go to the doctor, comrade! You'd better be "checked out to make sure everything's ok" each year. Mm-hmm. They will "make sure" to refer you for birth control and track your last period religiously. I hear of such things going on in China, you know.

Already here in America you can't go to the OB without hearing about, "And what are you doing to prevent pregnancy after the baby is born?" as if it were MANDATORY to prevent pregnancy. Just assumed that one would NOT want another child. And it doesn't matter what your answer to the doctor is, comrade. They will ask you again after the next baby is born, "just in case you've changed your mind." Now, when I was a kid, we called such behaviour bullying. They call it good medical care. Good luck finding someone on your insurance plan who does NOT practice this good me…


Well, the Elf and Emperor and I planted a little tiny pumpkin plant out by the front mailbox. I fully expected it would die after a little bit and that would be the end of it. But look! It has grown tremendously and even has little pumpkins on the ends!! I really wonder if they will be larger and turn orange by October?

This Makes Me Proud to be An American... Not.

So, the prosecutor in this rape case has been legally proven in court to have *intentionally* lied to a judge. He's been proven in court to have taken a case against several young men who were innocent of the charges laid against them... on purpose. The accused college students could have wound up with YEARS in prison EACH.

Aren't you glad justice was served by the prosecutor having to quit his job and spend a whopping *one day* in jail? And the judge in the case discussing how his sentence really isn't going to change things... and he knows it... is sickening:

“If what I impose with regard to Mr. Nifong would make things better or different for what’s already happened, I don’t know what it would be or how I could do it,” Smith said.

Hm. You know, I *thought* (silly, naive little me) that these sentences were a form of punishment for the guilty party AND a deterrent to others considering the same crime. I'm soooo glad that this Nifong …